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Report snappysammy 2014-9-14 00:20
thats what guys with small DICKS SAY
Report Ted180 2014-9-11 03:43
It's not the size of it. It's the skill of it.  
Report Ted180 2014-9-11 03:40
I haven't said hello in a long time. I've been concentrating on the Moscow Times site during the Ukraine crisis. But this friendlier site is worth a few visits. I see you had a skin problem; but it's improving. I'm OK for my age.
Report snappysammy 2014-6-2 05:09
just so you know....women find me irresistible
Report heroes521 2014-6-1 08:08
How nice to be your friend.I am a new comer ,I hope to be your close friend.
Report snappysammy 2014-6-1 06:05
yo...don't forget Snappy Sammy
Report K.Maxwell 2014-5-31 06:04
Heyy don corleono..maron brando alpacino d God father i greet u.
Report snappysammy 2014-5-27 19:49
thank you...some day I will buy you lunch
Report snappysammy 2014-5-25 04:15
Thanks very much....we should have lunch one day..
Report Sunny榕娇 2014-5-20 22:17
Hey,Mr.Sammy.How nice to be your friend . Wish you a great day.
Report snappysammy 2014-5-20 07:24
Report Kabisco751 2014-5-20 01:50
Hi, is great to be connected with you. You are most welcome.we can be liaising with each other sharing ideas,experience and knowledge.Cheers
Report snappysammy 2014-4-22 07:38
I just came back from China .......I rode very hard and put them away I'm looking for a slow easy ride.....I don't think JKenix is for me.....besides being not very smart, she's a little bit not so good looking....
Report Ted180 2014-4-12 20:49
Hey Snappy! Have YOU enjoyed an EASY RIDE lately? I used the term today with JFenix.
Report snappysammy 2014-4-7 01:35
My father died at 86....I was 34 years old...I became an Orphan at 34.... I still think about him almost everyday......Some of his stuff I still have...He was Canadian so he liked you guys.......Several of my Uncles were attached to British units during father was to young for WW1 and two old for WW2,,,,,
Report 1584austin 2014-4-6 15:13
snappysammy: Sorry for Your Loss.....Doesn't matter how old someone is....It still hurts.....
Thanks Snap...It's the going though his house that hurts too. Then when it comes to clearing the p[lace and selling it that will be a bastard too, but slowly coming to terms with it, he wasn't really a hoarder but Christ he's got loads o stuff.. cheers
Report create_mydesk 2014-4-5 10:43
hey, god father:)
Report snappysammy 2014-3-25 13:44
If you ever see a call from "516" that could be me.....
Report snappysammy 2014-3-25 13:43
I didn't call...I was in greater Chicago Land...AND...It was COLD......
Report tradervic 2014-3-24 17:04
Sam, if you did call me - what number was it?  Will check my call logs.
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