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    seanboyce88: Well, now that it is all over, as a yes voter, it was sad to see us lose, however, for politics in general it was a win, what a massive turnout, on to ...
    hi, Sean, you are back in China? if so, we still have a certificate for what you have done for the past blog contest. Could you leave us your address thus we could send it to you. and we have sent you an email about this but got no reply from you.
    sincerely! you can send your address to us via message or to


    Well, now that it is all over, as a yes voter, it was sad to see us lose, however, for politics in general it was a win, what a massive turnout, on top of that, there are moves to decentralise both English and Scottish governments now. Even though Scotland is not independent, such moves highlight the problems of the country, they bring such issues to the eyes if the people and the politicians.

    Mr Alex Salmond has been my favourite politician of all time, I think he has done a fantastic job. One of the first politicians who does what he says on the tin. I hope he can move past this in lead Scotland on to further reforms to strengthen our position within the union.I hope he does not lose moral after such a defeat and continues to work for Scotland now as a member of the union. There is no point being bitter, this is democracy and this is what the people chose so I might as well get on board even if I disagree.

    I do not hate England, nor am I a racist. I am happy with my nationality, I was unhappy with the social welfare reforms and the English right wing, however I know that in the future, We will all continue to co-operate as that's the one great thing about us, we are always able to move past things. We moved past the last Scottish independence vote in the seventies and we will move past this one. We moved past our years of bitter history and infighting.

    As for those who think the Scottish independence was about racism, about hating was nothing of the sort. Most Scottish have no ill feeling towards the English, even myself, half my family is English. Such disgusting stereotypes and replies are really ignorant. Remember you represent your country wherever you go, even if you don't think you do, others will still make such judgements. As for certain people who post here...just remember what others think of your country after your racist outburst here.

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