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SHIJIAZHUANG:Premier League, We've Arrived!

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The last weekend we were very lucky to witness the encore stage of the CFA First Division League in Yutong Avenue of Shijiazhuang, a bleak field for football. But now we can yell, with scratchy throats: Premiere League, We've Arrived!



Shijiazhuang Yongchang (Ever Bright), an indigenous team built only four years ago, capped a perfect and thriller duel versus visiting Qingdao Hainiu with complete resolve in the deafening shouting of fans.



Shijiazhuang Yongchang (Ever Bright) 3:2 Qingdao Hainiu



The process was dramatic somehow. In the beginning time, the nervous players couldn't display their average level due to the high pressure they had faced. About 30000 fans flocked into the Yutong Avenue to support the home team. Suddenly the ticket market became fired up in Shijiazhuang. For decades there is no first class team in this city although Bayi (Army) club had selected it as home in 1990s. But it was not the local team after all.



At 1:40 from start, Number 9 Kallon made a good header upon the right pass from Sun Haosheng but the ball hit the woodwork of Qingdao Hainiu. He also got a chance of one-to-one with the goalie two minutes later with the goalkeeper making it safe again. However, it was Yongchang that conceded a goal first in the ninth minute when Hainiu's Wang Rui completed the offense, which had silenced the whole court.



With quicker rhythm the home team held the match again with Number 28 Huang Fengtao equalizing for Yongchang in the 21st minute. Then he got his second goal with flair in the 50th and boiled the fans again.






After that the star Kallon, below-average and wasting several chances with purported injury, was substituted with Number 10 Xubo, who had the opportunity to extend the lead. But he tumbled himself after sprinting into the penalty box in the first case and created a wider when facing the goalie the other case.



Just when the fans were waiting for the ending whistle, the drama continued. In the 88th minute, a botched mistake by Yongchang's goalkeeper left an empty gate for the Hainiu's forward to nudge in.






The home viewers gasped for that moment and several players also sit and hit the grass with regret. A season's of hardworking would be wasted  this moment. When the CFA First Division League entered the last stage in Saturday, there were three teams with chance of promoting into the Premier except for the premier-booked bellwether Chongqing Lifan with 61 points. They are Shijiazhuang Yongchang with 54, Wuhan Zhuoer with 54 and Beijing Baxi with 52. So Yongchang must win the match and a deuce won't have any meaning.



In the additional 5 minutes, Number 33 Emo charged into the forbidden area and was dragged down by the defender. Penalty! Penalty! The umpire ordered the penalty without hesitation. When Emo stood beside the ball, the stands were silent again. Key play! It reminded me of the comic football film counterattack. The melancholy glance of the attacker and the indifferent one of the gatekeeper in the ceased time-ticking. Emo converted the penalty and sent gusto into the jubilant audience.




In a haze-free Saturday afternoon, in the first day of the November, a black-white football illuminated the whole city. Same as the remark of the excited commentator, the prestigious Guangzhou Hengda and Shanghai Shenhua will come without invitation the next year.





Congrats, Shijiazhuang! Stride with resolve, Shijiazhuang!







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    Well, now that it is all over, as a yes voter, it was sad to see us lose, however, for politics in general it was a win, what a massive turnout, on top of that, there are moves to decentralise both English and Scottish governments now. Even though Scotland is not independent, such moves highlight the problems of the country, they bring such issues to the eyes if the people and the politicians.

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