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Share World leaders' sports complex
volkswagen360 2014-11-19 11:33
G20 leaders convened in Brisbane Australia with abundant topics in discussion. Their sports complex is also a hot topic. It's not a secret that President Xi Jinping likes football, which can be recalled back to 1980s when he watched games in Worker's Stadium several times. While making a visit to Dublin Ireland inFeb 2012, Mr. Xi pleasantly displayed his football charming. Mr. Xi didn't forget the football when he made a speech on the 50th anniversary of ...
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Share Is Abe's strong medicine a panacea to sustainable growth?
volkswagen360 2014-11-5 09:25
Is Abe's strong medicine a panacea to sustainable growth?
Bank of Japan's stunning injection of stimulus results a knee-jerk through the world market but is it a panacea to sustainable growth? Japan's big problem, since the 1990's crisis, has been deflation. Falling prices dissuade people from spending and companies from expanding, leaving pools of yen stagnating in corporate bank accounts. The BoJ's stimulus helps by increasing the money supply, which will raise the question of public debt. Although the sale tax hike can allievi ...
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Share Recardo Semler: A pilgrimage to the natural business
volkswagen360 2014-10-30 16:39
Recardo Semler: A pilgrimage to the natural business
Book review: Maverick!( 特立独行 ) One day at home I happened to pick an FT paper dated 2003 in which a recommendation of a small training company got my attention. The general manager's favorite book is Maverick! written by Rrcardo Semler. I continued to dig and found the English version from It's about the successful experience of a special management mode as well as the autobiography of Semler from Brazil. We have too m ...
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Share A mixed blessing: Great changes in villages
volkswagen360 2014-10-23 17:50
A mixed blessing: Great changes in villages
We spent this national holiday in our home village, in the south of the Hebei province. The peasants were busy reaping the corns and planting the winter wheat. So many changes have been made for the last decades that we can barely remember the life before in the 1980s. I was born in 1973 and the county life in the beginning period of reform and open-up is a very familiar memory for me to dig. First browsing in your eyes, the bumpy stre ...
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Share Oscar Pistorious: the case still not terminated yet
volkswagen360 2014-10-22 10:03
The case of Oscar Pistorious has a worldwide sensation across the world with the focus on the weighing of the mesasurement of penalty for blade-runner. Both the privacy of the vanity couple and the legal process are equally in scrutiny. Now it's likely the case is in the end with the sentencing of five years in jail for the doule amputee track star. But thereare still some variants. FT reports ------------------------------- Oscar Pistorius, the South African Olympic and Paralymic star ...
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Share Think twice about William Liu and his tragedy
volkswagen360 2014-10-22 09:13
YesterdayI heard the news on FM95.6 about the 17-year-old first-rate Chinese-American student--William Liu--committing suicide in San Francisco due to being denied admission to Stanford University and MIT. William Liu boasted full marks in STAT exam but was still denied by the colleges he worshiped. He was then trapped in a deep depress and committed suicide with self-made toxic gas. His father also died while trying to drag him out. How do ...
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Share The storm riding through the centenary
volkswagen360 2014-10-19 01:40
Recently We are listening to the work of Pingshu master Shan Tianfang--"The storm riding through the centenary"( 百年风云 ). It is another aspect of the history of modern China which is filled with glory, humiliation, endeavor, struggle, failure and resurgence. The history itself is just like a stage with all kinds of actors posing one after another. From the Destruction of Opium at Humen and the Opium War to the Revolution of 1911. Although it's only a s ...
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Share Middle East turmoil of 1919 offers important lessons for today
volkswagen360 2014-10-14 11:02
The declining trend of US has some similarity with the one of Britain in 1920s? The dilemma Obama is now facing says something. He had provided some red lines which he broke them again and again. He had won the election with promises of double army-withdrawal,from Iraq and Afganistan. In order to keep his promise, he makes a red line of no ground troops involved in batting IS in Iraq and Syria. But effect of airsrikes is going nowhere. His gait in the end of his tenure is quite similar with th ...
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Share 2014-10-13
volkswagen360 2014-10-13 17:18
China has reported a much higher than expected 15 per cent jump in exports for September. Some economists are sceptical. Speculative trade? Iphone 6? One unnormal phenomenon: China's exports to Hong Kong accelerated to 34.0% y/y in September, versus -2.1% in the prior month FT reported. ---------- As the FT has consistently reported, the nation's recorded exports are regularly distorted by illicit bets on the Chinese renminbi. China's currency regulator allows foreign cu ...
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Share Toshiba turns over a new leaf to grow vegetables
volkswagen360 2014-9-30 12:37
The Japanese have genuine business head, you have to say. Although we often talk about the loss of decade for the third largest economy, we still can see the Japan made products ubiquitous around the world. This is a world with abound confilcts. Every country will pay their focus on them, but Japanese will observe and ask ,"Do you need SUVs or pickup trrucks when you load your weapons. It's a reliable toolkit." FT reports ---------------- The Japanese company announced on Tuesday it has starte ...
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