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Share Happy National Day
2018-10-1 08:01
Happy National Day
Today is October 1st, the National Day. Today is also the 69th birthday of the People's Republic of China. From the bottom of my heart, I want to say "Happy Birthday!" to my mothercountry. I really feel proud of being a Chinese.
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Share Travel to Wanxian Mountain
2017-8-31 21:36
Travel to Wanxian Mountain
With the improvement of living standard, most people have more time and energy at their disposal. We can see that more and more people choose travel to widen their perspective. They want inquisitively to know people and things outside their narrow borders of life. Tired of living environment in school, I decided to go outside to see the world elsewhere during the summer holiday. On knowing my travel plan, one of my closest friends suggested that I should travel to Wanxian Mountain, a ...
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Share A Bus Story
2017-4-23 13:21
People are affectionate animals and can be moved by something trivial happened to ourselves or others. I am not an exception. Everyday, I go to work by bus. Yesterday morning, after the bus drove into the station, I got on it immediately. On board, I saw some seats available. When I got ready to sit down, a young guy seated nearby stopped me and motioned to me to notice the dirty mark on the seat. Feeling embarrassed and giving him my thanks, I found another one and sit do ...
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Share Happy New Year
2017-1-1 08:16
Happy New Year
A new year is beginning. Wish all of us a new year full of happiness and hope.
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Share Do what using high bandwidth
2016-11-10 22:26
Do what using high bandwidth
Several days ago, when I was surfing on the Internet at home, a pop-up window sent by UNICOM told me that my Internet bandwidth has been free upgraded to 100Mbps from 50Mbps. Happily I went to a website on which I regularly watched video lectures. Sure enough I could open the videos smoothly. Before upgrading, however, those videos always took a long time to buffer. That did make me feel uncomfortable. I think one of benefits brought by bandwidth upgrading is that I do ...
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Share Using Time Properly
2016-10-17 18:08
Using Time Properly
The first thing which many people first will do after waking up in the morning is more likely to light up their smartphones or tablets. They are eager either to browse what happened in the world or who sent them messages during sleeping. It’s more possible that they will neither see anything important happen in the world nor receive important messages. I think there must be someone who will ask: are they all wrong? No, they are not. But what I want to say is that it is ...
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Share Studying Environment
2016-2-27 16:02
Studying Environment
Take this scenario: while a pupil is doing his homework strenuously, his parents are excitedly fiddling with their smart phones or digital devices next to him. Familiar with this scene? At the same time, I’m sure that you will not strange to the following scene: a pupil and his parents are working hard for their respective task at the same time. I think it’s obvious which scene is what we are willing to see. It’s the former one. What we can see from the two scenes descri ...
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Share Taking exercise makes me happy
2015-8-9 21:45
Taking exercise makes me happy
Frankly speaking, I love to take exercise, especially play badminton. Partly because of not having enough free time and partly on account of no proper place when I want to exercise, it’s a long time not to take exercise. Once there is an opportunity to take exercise, I think, I will do. Yesterday afternoon, my niece came to my house. Coincidently, she is a fan of playing badminton. There is a sports center near our residential area. And by coincidence, I had nothing to do. ...
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Share Plans for the long holiday
2015-1-27 15:32
Plans for the long holiday
With the end of the semester, so-called the longest winter vacation in history is here. What’s your plan for the vacation? Visiting a shopping center, travelling or learning a new skill? Anyone is ok, I think. However, which is the most suitable one for you? It depends. Visiting a shopping center If you are a working stiff like me, I believe you have less time to spend in shopping in your daily life. But as the long holiday begins, we have more discretionary time. We ...
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Share My favorite magazine
2014-11-19 00:44
My favorite magazine
When I was at university, incidentally, I saw a magazine at a newsstand. Its name is The World of English . Because of loving English, I bought one and tried to read it. With a limited vocabulary, I had to read with the help of English-Chinese dictionary. After staying with it for a long time, I was gradually enthralled with its content. Ever since then, I have been reading the magazine and learned a lot. The world of English is an Engli ...
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  • Personality 2019-4-13 12:28

    Ho, I have delivered ‘ray’ without notice minutes ago!  Maybe the writing is worth ‘flowers’! Sorry for the 'incident'!  Don't laugh at me!

  • Happy National Day 2018-10-7 21:53

    财神: Happy National Day to all of my Chinese friends. Cheers!!
    So glad to see you here!

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