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Share Spirit of the Entrepreneur
2016-12-22 09:02
Spirit of the Entrepreneur
If you want to be a good entrepreneur, the five characteristics you must possess are below: passion, positivity, adaptability, leadership, ambition. In addition, innovation is a must.
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Share Happy National Day
2016-10-1 10:44
Happy National Day
Happy National Day! Wish our great country flourishes day by day.
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Share Shenzhou 9 Launches With First Chinese Woman
2012-6-17 18:33
A Chinese Long March 2F rocket blasted off yesterday carrying the Shenzhou 9 spacecraft and three taikonauts including 33-year-old female fighter pilot Liu Yang, China’s first woman sent to orbit.
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Share Important Day
2012-5-31 23:40
Today is a more important day to me. I have my own house, althouth I still have to pay many installments in the upcoming days. I will try my best to make my life happier. I belive I can.
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  • Personality 2019-4-13 12:28

    Ho, I have delivered ‘ray’ without notice minutes ago!  Maybe the writing is worth ‘flowers’! Sorry for the 'incident'!  Don't laugh at me!

  • Happy National Day 2018-10-7 21:53

    财神: Happy National Day to all of my Chinese friends. Cheers!!
    So glad to see you here!

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