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Stick ·Share “Locals are more interested in us than we do”
Adambai 2014-8-29 09:40
This is my travel journal for a visit to a mysterious tribe in the southeastern Yunnan province. Xinzhai is a Bailuo ethnic village seldom known to visitors, because it is hidden in the backwaters of Malipo County, Wenshan Miao and Zhuang Autonomous Prefecture in the southeast of Yunnan. All the villagers are Bailuo ethnic members, leading an exotic life different from other branches of the Yi. During the May Day Holiday of 2010, I took a spontaneous photo tour wit ...
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Share Rose mooncakes, please!!
Adambai 2014-9-2 10:13
As the traditional Middle Autumn Day draws near, there are many moon cakes to choose from besides those "package more valuable" ones like ham-pied cakes. Flower-pied, especially rose-pied moon cakes are preferred a lot by visitors to Yunnan. Baked with almost the same materials--flour, eggs, cooking oil, sugar, and honey etc, why do rose pastries enjoy a high popularity? The answer lies in the roses locally grown in Yunnan and used for making teas, and cooking--especially ...
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