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Share Do you believe that your dreams would be coming ture
2013-7-8 14:35
Do you believe that our dreams mean something? Can you remember your dreams? What was the last dream you had? Have you ever had a prophetic dream? What was it about? Do you believe that dreams can help us predict the future? I believe a lot that our dreams have to do with our daily life and experiences, somehow our hardships and happiness are reflected through pictures or symbols coming back to our mind during the dream, however it's not so easy to figure out the true meaning of wh ...
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Share My educater told me the 7 secret to learn English_SECRET 5, 6 and 7
2013-7-8 12:11
Secret #5: IMPROVE YOUR VOCABULARY WITH 5 WORDS A DAY Vocabulary is easy! How many days in a year are there? 365, normally (on Earth). If you learn only 5 new words a day, you will learn 5 x 365 = 1,825 new words in a year. ONE THOUSAND, EIGHT HUNDRED AND TWENTY-FIVE WORDS. That is a lot of new words. And we are not counting all the other words you will learn in other ways - reading, conversation etc. Buy a notebook and write in 5 ne ...
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Share My educater told me the 7 secret to learn English_SECRET 3 and 4
2013-7-8 12:10
Secret #3: LISTEN! LISTEN! LISTEN! Students sometimes say: 'I don't listen to the BBC news on the radio because it's too fast for me and I can't understand it.' That's a pity! When it's too fast for you, when you can't understand it, that is exactly when you NEED to listen to it!!! How can you improve if you don't listen and practise? When you were a baby, did you understand your own language? When you were 3 weeks old, or 2 months, or 1 y ...
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Share My educater told me the 7 secret to learn English_SECRET 1 and 2
2013-7-8 12:08
1.LEARN ABOUT WORD STRESS Word Stress is golden key number one for speaking and understanding English. Word Stress is *very important*. You can try to learn about Word Stress. This is one of the *best* ways for you to understand spoken English - especially English spoken fast. What is Word Stress? Take 3 words: photograph, photographer and photographic, for example. Do they sound the same when spoken? No! They sound differe ...
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Share Re-learning English at EF Education
2013-7-8 11:25
As a regsitered member in EF Education,I am studying English in EF online,I have made a study plan and progress for me , It is from level two to level ten in 14 months. The level one is very easy for me to learn,which is same to the Grade one in middle school, the level two is also simple on Grammar and Vocabulary ,but the most important thing to me is to listen to the spoken class but the words or reading text. I passed the CET4 but I cannot communicate with foreigners freely.what is the CET4' ...
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Share All work are simple and dried
2013-6-4 09:21
having worked for many years, now I feel all works are simple and dried,why do i say that?maybe no passion ,no creation and lack of inovation.all works are need you to do in a successful way . it is more and more un-challenged.what do you want to do and where are you go in future,I need to think it over.
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Share Welcome to Suzhou
2013-6-3 12:51
Now,i hope I can know some foreigners in Suzhou,and firstly please let me to introduce myself to you ,MY name is Sam and i am working and living in New District,Suzhou. As a Quality Manager,I am servicing in a american company,my boss are Chinese but my big boss are English and he hope we can communicate with each other in English.i am finding all kinds of method to improve my oral English but there are no good power to lead this . it will be a wonderful thing if I know some foreigners in Su ...
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Share The first working day after Spring Festival
2013-2-16 16:46
It's the first working day after Chinese Spring Festival,there are not many business for me ,just one meeting and some paper's i am waiting for off duty andgoing back home to hold my baby as soon as possible.this is a special Festival,i stay at home all day and all night in most of our holiday,the weather is not very good,we were afraid of health affect. in memory,we went out ofhouse and drunk with classmates or good friends in past serval Festival.
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graduated from university in 2001 with major of Mechanical and Electrical Engineer ,I have been worked in the field of manufacturing wires and cabel,i like pop music,playing basketball ,Chinese chess and online games

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