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  • change the unchangable.... Reply
  • 18th, September. Reply
  • How do i make a wise decision? Reply
  • It`s so hot, and I cannot stand it. Reply
  • Happy all the time. Reply
  • Just step forward to what I like. Reply
  • Just step forward to what I like. Reply
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  • BirthplaceChina Jiangxi Ganzhou
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9.18 2014-09-18
Today, a special day, which is well-known to every Chinese, 18th, September. Tracing back to the day, 18th,September,in 1931, none of our ...
(9315) readings|(9) comments
the teachers` day 2014-09-10
    Today is a meaningful day, the teachers` day. And i saw a significant word: A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where h ...
(2536) readings|(3) comments
the library 2014-09-03
    In the campuse, there is always a library. While in the libarary, so many story will happen.      Someone may ...
(1889) readings|(2) comments
the first of September 2014-09-01
    To day is a meaningful day, the first day of September, which is the OPENING DAY.     For all the students, m ...
(2367) readings|(4) comments
The sunny day 2014-08-27
    It`s a suuny day today. Time really flies! Looking forward, the new semester is coming. I have seen many pieces of news about the ...
(2426) readings|(19) comments
Have a try------Tongue twister 2014-08-25
1. Can you can a can as a canner can can a can? 2. I wish to wish the wish you wish to wish, but if you wish the wish the witch wishes, I won't wi ...
(2080) readings|(9) comments

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Sophia花 2014-8-30 20:50:17
It`s a rainy day today.
Sophia花 2014-8-20 10:04:52
the result of the cet6 is out. although i have passed, i did not smile.
Sophia花 2014-8-18 13:30:06
DO not be confused.
Sophia花 2014-8-16 11:19:18
Be confident,and stick to what you like.
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