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Share Chocolate
jenny201408 2014-11-12 13:22
Iwas not interested with chocolate and chocolate drinkinguntil two weeks ago, I watched the movie of Chocolat that weekend and was attractedby theheroine and her chocolate.Then, I had a cup of chocolate drinking in Shangri-La Hotel for dinner last weekend, it tasted good, less sweet than my imagination. Now, I want to make chocolate drinking. But how? Several days later, I search the information on internet and then do it, following the pictures. The col ...
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Share I am very angry when i read "Hebei to lower emissions during APEC conferenc
jenny201408 2014-10-21 09:57
When i read the article on home page of china daily, i am so angry. The government want to lower emission because of APEC Conference, they need make sure the guests can inhale fresh air. They should make measures to change air pollution all the time, chinese people also should inhale fresh air. What is your opinion?
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Share what makes you stressful in your lives?
jenny201408 2014-8-21 16:01
My answer is flying, if i take a plane, i always worry all the travle. What about you?
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