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Share A splendid sunshine came through a thousand mile
2016-6-2 14:42
I'm now numb to jot down all my feelings on a new page which i have never ever got before in my life. it has been completely one year for waiting only my interesting and dumbfounding work. true be honest,I’m really speechless and thoughtless to express my feelings and gratitude of my supporters. anyhow,blessing of god and my sincerity which brought me to a new life. I am from this area and it’s beautiful place has been already decorated by greenish. Last year also i couldn’t ...
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Share Suddenly, the sun was obscured
2015-5-25 13:18
Today I went to Drupu monastery with my friend and two foreigners where I got blessed from its beautiful scenes and wonderful relics(Entombed great lamas' statues, and Buddha statues). I couldn't see a flock of cloud in the sky and it was completely blue. That was being extremely sensational and cheerful. Who does expect to occur unfortunate events and bad things in the next time? No one does and I also always hope for better times and life. Suddenly, the weather wa ...
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Share Saga Dawa Duchen(Buddha Day)
2015-5-19 17:39
Saga Dawa Duchen; (Buddha Day) Saga Dawa is an important Buddhist festival, holds each year on the full moon day of the fourth lunar month of the Tibetan calendar(15th June 2015) and it is held in different months by different Buddhist countries in the world. This whole month is the most important Buddhist festival as which has gathered three important events of Buddha Sakyamuni;Birthday of Buddha,Enlightenment of Buddha and Passing away of Buddha. Saga Dawa is the entire fourth lunar month of ...
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Share I Am Very Lucky To Be Your Son
2015-5-10 16:47
Today is the most momentous for me to celebrate mothers’ day or parents’ day. There are many different ways to celebrate ones parents. Different cultures and traditions,they also cheer their parents in different ways. The most common is that everybody shares their lovely photos and write something about their lovely parents. Parents are very meant to many people,while some of the people hate their own parents because they do have reasons why they hate. There are many types of people who gro ...
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Share Merry Christmas
2014-12-25 10:08
Merry Christmas Many my friends are Christians The Nativity of your lord,we together celebrated One year has been elaped And we are now in different places Only I have a method is to write a disorganized poem on your great event The last event I remember the beautiful tree;we coated with bright colors And t ...
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Share Dechenshindrup Chenmo((色达法学院)
2014-11-13 17:17
Dechenshindrup Chenmo(色达法学院) This religious function in Lhabrong Buddhism Science Monastery is 21st which had been held by Khenpo Jigmey Phuntsock(Abbot) for all the people who follows Buddhism and has faith in Buddhism science. This religious function is one of the most important Buddhism functions in Serda Science Monastery or Lhabrong Buddhism Science Monastery. According to Ti ...
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Share World Youngest Nobel Peace Laureate;Malala Yousafzai(17-year-old)July 12,1997
2014-10-12 11:47
World Youngest Nobel Laureate Ever Recipient Of The Prize (17 years old) Many noble laureates are being selected and decided to give this wonderful prize for the people. This nobel prize is not everybody’s dream and it is incredible prize for many people. Since few days back,from Chemistry,Physics, medicine and Literature have been notified in my notification centre and I have just read their achievements and who ...
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Share World Most Admirable Person's Birth Day(Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi)
2014-10-2 15:10
World Most Admirable Person’s Birth Day (Mohadas Karamchand Gandhi) Today is the birthday of preeminent leader of Indian independence movement in British-ruled India,Mohatma Gandhi.It has been 145 years since great person came to earth. Every 2 October is the most commemorative day for every people who love to follow his ideology for non violence and peaceful movement.Indian great leader Mohatma Gandhi was born ...
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Share Adventure Tour With My Childhood Friends
2014-9-8 11:38
Adventure Tour With My Childhood Friends Before the break of day,the alarm which I kept was useless. I couldn't lie on pillow and I waited my friends throughout the window panel to call me to come. That was too early for them break dawn for the day. Even house wives were in the bed and I didn’t see a single house was producing smoke from it’s chimney. Only the sounds of birds were chirping around the village. I stared steadily t ...
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Share Her Talk Prolonged Me To Wake Overnight
2014-9-8 11:36
Her Talk Prolonged Me To Wake Overnight Abruptly,someone came to me He never expected to be Even I didn’t fantasize about To come out Once upon a time He was being a colorful pattern As egoistic as peacock Always heading up into sky The head held high Tried to capture everyones attention Thought he was a perf ...
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