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Suddenly, the sun was obscured

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Today I went to Drupu monastery with my friend and two foreigners where I got blessed from its beautiful scenes and wonderful relics(Entombed great lamas' statues, and Buddha statues). I couldn't see a flock of cloud in the sky and it was completely blue. That was being extremely sensational and cheerful. 
Who does expect to occur unfortunate events and bad things in the next time? No one does and I also always hope for better times and life. Suddenly, the weather was drastically changed on me. That brought me into worst hell and doleful moment,I have ever experienced in my past many years. 

After the tour in the sacred monastery was over,we headed back to the city and we diverged in different ways. I moved to the market where many people display precious stones(multi colored, corals, turquoises,pearls and etc). By the way, there was a three floor building and I stepped on second floor where I felt like the birds were chirping with different sounds. Then the door cloak,I unclogged and walked into the floor. And I saw many snookers and billiards which was encircled by more than seven people while some of them watching the games and some were participating on playing the games. I like to play it very much and I was totally immersed by the game to challenge on gambling with opponents. So, I waited to join the game about an hour. I got a space. The game is called kitty which is usually played by four or five participants. However, we had three players,included me. Two opponents of mine were totally strange. 

The game was started and I got breaking the game. I broke it for few balls and the cube ball returned back on my spot. So, the game on lookers quietly admired my break and the cue ball's position. Some of them said," you two guys are just donating money to him!". I felt something like very different and caught me in their eyes like a world champion. As according to my confidence and two my opponents' standard, every on lookers sured was me the winner of the game though. Really, I played it very well and I satisfied with my each turns. 

Incredibly, the game was lost to one of them. That was okay. I accepted my lose and he deserved the game for a few hundred yuan. Sometimes, lower player becomes champion. The winner turned to break it and that time I got my color ball and potted it skillfully. We just played for only two games ,but the two guys' faces were changed with blush and red. If I won few hundred thousands yuan, then it was acceptable and reasonable. I just got the yuan back which I lost to the winner. While  I was starting to break the game, I saw them were murmuring and lips were moving very closely each other. I never noticed and didn't care what they did. Maybe they thought that we couldn't defeat him by playing honestly. Anyway I broke it which I kept an eye on them at the first break. My next player scattered all the red balls and his next player got very good pleasing. To be honest, we usually don't scatter all the red balls on board for keeping safe to the next players. Game was over by one time or one turn. Well you did, I clapped. Again and again, those two guys subsequently won the games and my pockets became thinner and thinner. 
Then I took a long breath and I thought," it is not proper way to play with them". Following my thought, those two guys unbelievably quarreled over the game and one of them said," we stop here and quit the game". Still, I was in ignorance and vague moment. However, I agreed and I couldn't bully them to continue on keeping the game. "It's fine, okay," I supported them. Then they left.

During the time of we were going on, another two persons requested to my two opponents for joining the game. They didn't correspond and neglect what others said. Other two rejected people chuckled at us and left another one. I never knew the reasons which they didn't accept to join with us. After I continually lost many times to two players and stopped. I took few minutes on the sofa and relaxed. "It's fine and it can be happened to me", I myself counseled. 

Those two players were faded away from the spot and another guy came at the snooker. He asked me that how much money you donated them. I felt astonished by his asking. Why he not asked me like,lost? He already knew that I must be lost the game. Because, later he revealed the plotted ideas of the two players.Really? Then I was totally stunned by their dishonest behaviors and indecent action. I myself asked
many questions and questions were automatically  raised in my mind. Those two players are business men and brothers. Physically appearance and from every side of our views, they are much better and wealthy than a poor guy like me. But,why did they play with me dishonestly for just few hundred yuan? Only one multi colored precious stone can provide them a good life and enough livelihood. Why....................? I was badly hurt. 

After one guy told me the reality of the two guys'  plan. I left it and stopped a taxi to my destination. It was 11 yuan and I gave him one more yuan. Because of I was extremely hurt and badly killed my heart. I love honest and sincere. We don't need any bad and cruel people in our society. Here we have many good and ideal people in our society, but like those guys make disgrace of human quality and stir our society into bad. I felt pity on those two guys. They are living in a society and they will never and ever able to live without making relationship with others. How will they spend their rest of times? 

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