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I Am Very Lucky To Be Your Son

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Today is the most momentous for me to celebrate mothers’ day or parents’ day. There are many different ways to celebrate ones parents. Different cultures and traditions,they also cheer their parents in different ways. The most common is that everybody shares their lovely photos and write something about their lovely parents. Parents are very meant to many people,while some of the people hate their own parents because they do have reasons why they hate. There are many types of people who grow up. Some have been raised up without parents as orphans or destitute ,while some people luckily grow up with parents and got love and kindness. Anyway  today we can celebrate it for our most important person in your life or the person who changed your life into better.
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  • To be honest, I have shared many stories with my friends that why my mom and papa are the most important persons in life. Now we can see many drastic changes in our societies and communities that many children are in the street and don't have eating. Though they don’t have food to eat,shelter to live and feel to love, its okay because every beings are not equally born and have same abilities. But we direly need is mother’s or father’s love and kindness in an unconditional way. Throughout the periods and centuries exchanging,some of them got very extravaganza livelihood and some of them down to beggars. Nevertheless,love,kindness,and compassion can stay with heart forever and every if we once got it from someone. 

    For me I was raised under her love,care and feeding during the difficult time. As we saying in the 21st century that though we don’t get job we can sustain because even dogs are able to get food. That can be true according the time. However I was grown up in extremely strenuous. During the time I was born in my family,there are many people who died of hungry and work hard. Even though they had to stint on food in misery time,they made me like other children from rich family. How can I prove that I was grown up like a rich family’s child? That we prove by checking the condition of body’s health. So, I didn’t get any bad illness and disease in past many years. How the moment I was born was so difficult! As, one of my mother’s friends who asked her to sterilize after she got few children and before me. She refused it and because of she is very pious in Buddhism I got a mother like a goddess. Even her body was very weak to produce an another child and difficult to feed me her milk,she decisively wanted me to be born. How lucky I was! If she followed her friend’s suggestion then I couldn’t open my eyes to the world and view the nature of the phenomena. 

    As we are thinking that the 21st century is highly developed in every field. But we are entering into the reality,we can see and know that how much it is really developed. We are mocking our ancestors that they were barbaric and they were thoughtless. In fact they were superior than the present people. Though the demography of the population is increasing,we don’t have right to kill infant and newborn. How many did you notice that girls eat birth control medicines,sterilize,clean up their wombs and I heard many stories that newly born babies find in toilets and corner places. Is it humankind or it is right to do that or that should be done. It is never mind though we face problems because of increasing population as all beings have to get opportunities to enter in blue planet. You just spend few minutes and think that I didn’t get a chance to visit in this world,how do you feel? Also there are some rich females give money for raising her child in other woman’s womb. Some of saying that because of they are not raising child in her womb is declining her beauty. Is that a beauty? That is very vomiting and ugly which appear in our society. 

    My mom is not a person who doesn’t want happiness. She also needs happiness for ever single moment. She is not the person who doesn't know how to kill newly born baby or clean up her productive organ. She already knew the result of pregnancy and how it was hard to nourish her babies. Though we the 21st century’s people have very good facilities and hospitalities of things need to feed for children,there are many street children and destitute who are abandoned. Luckily some of them get foster parents those who don’t have productive organs. So these children regard their foster parents are their real parents. 

    Here I would like to share a story of my one of girlfriends who told me that if we get married I don’t want to have baby or I can’t raise child because I am afraid of likely dying at the moment of baby born. I was  just shocked and surprised by her words. Then I asked her about whether that was true or just kidding. She said,”this is true with high pitch.” Then I never responded her after she told me. If I don’t want to have child then why I wan to marry with a girl? This is not merely for a temporary pleasure,if we think so then we can chase street girls and can go to brothels. We want to have a family and share our feelings with nearly and dearly. That’s why we want to marry. 

    So, in the nutshell I would like to request all the people that please don’t intentionally destroy beings and try to be an ideal parents and nurture your child as much as you can. When your child turn to parents then they will also grab your traditions which you created. Don’t teach them to sterilize and how hard to raise children. Teach them the value of life and how to be a example parents. Then we all the world will feel happiness and satisfaction. And I love you all the parents who care and love your children. Thank you all the parents those who give all the love for your children.Becasue of you lovely parents and your contributions,we are writing and uploading something about your gratitude and gracefulness. Don’t let us stop doing something in the next time. We will also try to influence our next generations in decent behaviors and keep up our good tradition. Thank You All Parents. Love You All.

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