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Dechenshindrup Chenmo((色达法学院)

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                              Dechenshindrup Chenmo(色达法学院)

This religious function in Lhabrong Buddhism Science Monastery is 21st which had been held by Khenpo Jigmey Phuntsock(Abbot) for all the people who follows Buddhism and has faith in Buddhism science. This religious function is one of the most important Buddhism functions in Serda Science Monastery or Lhabrong Buddhism Science Monastery. According to Tibetan lunar Calendar, Dechenshindrup Chenmo usually falls on Sept 18th and it differently holds according to international lunar calendar. There are few more important Buddhism functions in this science monastery but,this is the best time for all the people of Buddhism because most of the tibetan people who do have spare times and they have more leisure times. Thats’s why, common people,farmers,nomads and monks and nuns from other monasteries come to join for Denchenshindrup Chenmo. Usually,this is held for 7 days and this year it will be held for 8 days. And this accommodates more than 2 hundred thousands since few years.

Today is the 5th day of Dechenshindrup Chenmo and it is the most precious day for all the Buddhism followers as today is the day of Buddha who descended from the gods to preach or teach fundamental Buddhism for the people. On the day, one of the most important Abbots or Khenpos who came to give us on fasting practice. It might be other religions also do have this kind of traditional ritual however, Im really fascinated and charmed by this function. Because the Khenpo who firstly gave us why we take vow on fasting practice and then he gave us mantra which allows us to take a part. The reasons why Fasting Practice is so important

For me this is the very first time to join for Fasting Practice. This is very helpful for every beings as Fasting means restraining oneself from doing or enjoying something. The very first of three non-virtues of Fasting Practice is Body. Body which is disallowed to take lifetaking life or kill,not to take what is not given,and not allowed sexual misconduct. Second of Fasting Practice is Verbal,this is one of the most aggrassive things which disturbs others and hurts too. So,we take vow on Fasting Practice of mouth shut up;not use idle gossip(or worthless chatter),not throw harsh words and lying to others.And third is heart Fasting Practice. Non-virtue of heart is the worst of three non-virtues as this is like a leader who leads to anyway and his followers have no any rights to protest against to him. This is why we take vow of heart Fasting Practice.That has three non-virtues which we must be avoided if we fully abstain bad things on Fasting Day.These are;sowing discord,covetousness,ill will(or wishing harm on others),and wrong views. When we painstakingly think about these three non-virtues,we get a thought that these are trashes to keep in our daily life. But,we can’t give up without taking a teaching from holly lamas or Khenpo as they give or show us way to throw away and teach us benefit of avoiding non-virtues. 

So,this is not mind-blindness and superstition as if you slowly read it and think again and over gain,you will find different thoughts which will stimulate you should be answered your curious questions which raised from here. Though you are atheist or agnostic,it doesn’t matter. You can seize good things from bad things and you can be a good athenic person who can make peace and harmony for others. Even Im a born of Buddhism religion,I was very stubborn and pig-headed. Now I am a quite good listener of my born religion. Because of Im a good listener,little I can differentiate virtues and non-virtues.So,My dear friends. Just try to read this philosophical books in any languages. This religion doesn’t try to indoctrinate you from your born religion. This carries a gaol for world peace and harmony.You have right to investigate and check out from this philosophy. 

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