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Doctors protest hospital attack in Hunan China Daily News 4 718 robert237 2014-8-23 09:29:44
  Every job should be equaity. When you maintain yourself right, should not damage the right of others ...
Investment laws to be revised by next year[2]- China Daily News 2 294 maplehere 2014-8-22 11:24:48
  Looking forward to the new foreign investment law.
Fire damages Xinjiang railway station China Daily News 6 363 Ha-ha-ha 2014-8-22 12:49:39
  The cause of the fire is insulating material of external wall be ignited.
'I failed to be a good father', Jackie Chan apologizes for son ... 1 2 China Daily News 13 1179 Kennedy22 2014-10-16 12:46:20
  I think many stars were found smoking drug recently may be a signal that drug is spreading in our co ...
One dead, 19 injured in E China bus fire[1]- China Daily News 2 325 maplehere 2014-8-21 10:08:47
  Hoping injured people would be recovery as early as possible, and the person arson the fire be punis ...
People rush to polluted river catching dead fish Attachments ... 1 2 3 4 5 6 .. 11 Everyday life 72 8832 小kii 2014-8-22 17:49:24
  Why are they doing this? Do not they know eat polluted fish is harmful for their body?
Worrying sex imbalance still heavily weighted toward boys[1]- China Daily News 2 284 maplehere 2014-8-14 10:27:15
  Now the generation after 80s are facing too huge live presurre, another severe socil problem that ca ...
Fast-food chains must disclose suppliers China Daily News 4 307 maplehere 2014-8-11 14:19:23
  China food always occured safety problem, I think the society should set up a black list for food co ...
WTO fails to back China's appeal over rare earths ... 1 2 China Daily News 9 1184 maplehere 2014-8-8 16:26:09
  Supporting your opinion. Our environment have become very bad, if not adopt some special method, our ...
Blast 1st step to discharge lake formed after tremor China Daily News 2 360 maplehere 2014-8-8 16:18:51
  It's good that the barrier lake could be discharge in the near future. Hoping floodwater did not cau ...
Baidu awarded compensation from Qihoo 360 China Daily News 2 362 maplehere 2014-8-8 16:10:57
  No matter Baidu or Qihoo which become be winner, better products and services are priority when cons ...
First female quake rescue team arrives at epicenter[6]- China Daily News 2 310 maplehere 2014-8-8 15:39:39
  Supporting the female soldier!
Nation to donate $4.9 million for Ebola assistance China Daily News 2 380 maplehere 2014-8-8 10:26:49
  The Ebola is another dangerous virus which can spread easily through many ways, people infected dead ...
WTO fails to back China's appeal over rare earths ... 1 2 China Daily News 9 1184 maplehere 2014-8-8 16:26:09
  The ruling is not fair for china.
It is time to check the resilience of house in rural area ... 1 2 Everyday life 13 2843 maplehere 2014-8-7 17:10:01
  The earth quake disaster warn us again that china house is very fragile.
Should husband let the wife manage his salary? Image attachment ... 1 2 3 4 5 6 Friendship, Love, Relationships 39 14473 VALARMORGHULIS 2014-8-11 13:55:32
  I do not support leaving all the money to wife, I think it's better keep finance independence in a c ...
Japanese military planes enter China's ADIZ China Daily News 6 1014 LoonDeQuanRen 2014-8-8 21:39:02
  Japanese aircraft enter our ADIZ and approach our patrol plane was a threathen to our national secur ...
Rescue ongoing despite end of 'Golden hours', toll nears 600[2]- China Daily News 4 535 maplehere 2014-8-7 14:54:40
  Our rescue work for disaster are more stronger and quckily than before, hoping more people could be ...
China to exclude Apple products over security concerns China Daily News 6 488 WOW! 2014-8-7 20:15:13
  Supporting the decision from our goverment, the case also let us learn the exiting security risk whe ...
China arrests graduate student for spying China Daily News 5 415 LoonDeQuanRen 2014-8-7 12:14:22
  The above mentioned student only for small personal benifit to sacrifice our government security, sh ...
China arrests graduate student for spying China Daily News 5 415 LoonDeQuanRen 2014-8-7 12:14:22
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