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Share 2015-07-19
2015-7-19 23:17
Igraduatedon7Julyandfinishedthevisaapplicationoneweekago. NowthereisashortholidaybeforemynewlifeforPhDstudyabroad. It'stimetowritesomethingto memorise mylifeinCUGB. Firstly,Iwantedtosaythankyoumysupervisor —Pr ...
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Share How can I stop crying in the deep night, my grandma?
2015-4-3 23:29
TheTom b SweepingDayiscoming.Somefriendswenthome,sotheofficewassoquiet.Icannotconcentrat eandcouldn ’ t helpcrying. Youwentawayinallofasudden on6 th Marchandit ‘ salmostforo nemonth andyoudidn ’ twaittosee& ...
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Share 2015-home-new year
2015-2-16 23:12
2015-home-new year
My hometown is in the south of Hebei province. Before the Spring Festival,most of thefamilies will prepare Near Year cakes and two hedgehogs (male and female). The difference is that the female has a jujube in her stomach.
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Share Finding an oral English partner in January 2015
2014-12-27 22:13
Dear friends, I am a graduate student now and I will take the IELTS test on January 31st 2015. So I was finding an oral English partner these days. If you are also preparing for these kinds of tests, I hope we can practice together. Or anyone can help me to practice it. The way we practice can be QQ, skype or others; About 30mins/d; Until the end of January or 15th January. Sincerely, Zhang, Qing
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Share Never give up.
2014-12-18 09:06
Never give up.
It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.
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Share Thank you so much my future possible supervisor!
2014-11-24 15:39
You helped me to write the research proposal and let me to check if it is appropriate for the requirement of UOW and then revise it by yourself. I am moved to burst tears. You helped me so much,and how could I have the courage to find other potencial supervisors? Anyway, thank you so much Dr.XX. I will try my best to get the offer and the scholarship from CSC.
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Share Don't be afraid of anything, just go.
2014-11-4 11:20
The graduation day is coming. Everyone has their own thoughts. Then the office turns to be two conditions: extremely quiet (all of them go out to find a job or go to the library to prepare for the PhD entrance exam); another is extremely noisy (talking about the job fair). In this condition, it is easy for me to get lost. To insist on finding the potentinal supervisors abroad, find a job, or prepare for the PhD entrance test in China? If I ask myself, the ansmer is definitely to study ab ...
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Share just do it
2014-10-26 15:05
I have applied for the reassessment of my IELTS. I'm not sure if I am realy insane.most of the people around said it meaningless because i plan to take the third test in December. no matter how, no matter what, no matter why, just do it. just follow your heart. no one can stop you. to be yourself, to do what you want. if i'm really insane then let it go. just do it and follow your heart. don't be afraid of anything, don't think of the result just do it.
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Share to make a choice
2014-10-14 22:05
Sometimes it is hard to make a decision. Today I have to make a choice to vote one of my friends as the Party member. one the them always stays together with me while with few similarites but always treats me in the restaurant; the other helped me a lot in the hospital when I had the operation last month. Frankly speaking, if we are not competiters, the latter one may be my best friend, yet these two years, the former one helped me a lot. At last the key factor is that the latter one sent me a m ...
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  • 2015-07-19 2016-1-23 20:00

    Irene-Qing: Thank you Bill for your encouragement . I forgot the password of 天晴乐, so I registered with the account name of Irene-Qing and visit this one  ...
    Noted. Good luck to your future endeavor. If it not too intrusive, I am wondering which school you are going to attend with the support of that government sponsored grant.

  • 2015-07-19 2016-1-23 12:57

    Dr.Bill.Shen: congrats !! china's future prosperity is on people like you.
    Thank you Bill for your encouragement . I forgot the password of 天晴乐, so I registered with the account name of Irene-Qing and visit this one like a guest

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