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Share A stroll along the Imperial capital of China.
2015-1-12 19:11
A stroll along the Imperial capital of China.
China is big, but with the scale here comes the diversity. Every Chinese city or town has its own distinguishing features that make it so different from one another. When visiting a new place - and it doesn’t matter how long you stay there – there are always “must-do-s”, “must-see-s” and “must-eat-s”. Xi’an, Sha'anxi province, staying at 1.200 km distance away from Beijing, is abundant in all three “must-s”. The first impression that you get from the city is the se ...
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Share 10 things you need to know about Confucius hometown. Part 2.
2014-12-14 22:44
10 things you need to know about Confucius hometown. Part 2.
It is said that one day spent in a different place is of a greater value than a year spent at home. This saying especially applies to the hometown of Confucius. We all have heard a lot about this legendary figure of the Sprung and Autumn period, but 千闻不如一见 . I am ready with the rest 5 things I learnt about this ancient with the scent of history town. 1. Qufu jianbing 煎饼 . Being an anti-fan of all jianbings in the world, I, to my surpri ...
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Share 10 things you need to know about Confucius hometown. (Part 1).
2014-12-2 00:27
10 things you need to know about Confucius hometown. (Part 1).
This year 2014 the great Chinese philosopher, a renowned educator, statesman, and a world culture figure, Confucius, marks its 2565 anniversary. A solid date, if he lived up to see what a huge influence he made on Chinese society, and the world, with his life presenting an example for many a Chinese generation in the past and words of wisdom carefully recorded into the books by his disciples. It is said Confucius is immortal. His greatest contribution is the foundation of Confucianism, t ...
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Share Is Chinese tea a medicine?
2014-11-6 01:52
Is Chinese tea a medicine?
I claim myself to be a Chinese tea lover. However, I adopted this habit not so long ago. Back in the days, I used to brew coffee in the mornings and it served an ideal wakening-up ritual before classes. It seemed there was nothing better in the early hours, and during my first several weeks in China, I tried to apply this energy-boosting method to my new daily routine. Nothing of a surprise, it didn’t work out. I had to get up early in the morning, made my way along the dormitory corrid ...
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Share China and South Korea in the eye of a traveler.
2014-10-29 01:45
China and South Korea in the eye of a traveler.
Having lived in China, Beijing, for four years, it seems inevitable to come across some parts of Korean culture. My university classmates were mostly from South Korea, there are Korean streets, markets and restaurants in Beijing, and even the whole districts dubbed by the locals the Korean districts, like Wudaokou or Wangjing. So, while in China, you cannot help coming across the fragments of the Korean culture. Actually, the thought of visiting South Korea haunted me for a while until I f ...
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Share When Mid-Autumn Festival comes to town.
2014-9-6 00:59
When Mid-Autumn Festival comes to town.
The Mid-Autumn festival which falls on the 8th of September this year is coming soon, bringing the sweet flavor of mooncakes to the chilly and windy autumn season. Traditionally, the Chinese mooncakes, or yuebing 月饼 , have a round shape and various fillings due to which the choice of tasty pastry is especially difficult if you are a foreigner and not very familiar with the characters. Even a mooncake lover like me sometimes finds the difficulty to tell one type of another b ...
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Share On Ice Bucket Challenge.
2014-8-28 16:53
On Ice Bucket Challenge.
It was not until my friend who lives in Vancouver, Canada, sent me a video with him dumping a bucket of ice water on his head, that I got to know about the famous Ice Bucket Challenge. I was targeted in the video and challenged to take an “icy shower” within 24 hours, or donate money to ALS organization. I thought it was just another prank of my friend, as I hardly could picture myself pouring ice water on myself while recording the whole process on camera. I was surprised to know later ...
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Share Teaching Chinese abroad.
2014-8-17 20:36
Teaching Chinese abroad.
Teaching English in China is still the most popular job among foreigners and the most attractive one, if we consider the salaries for foreign teachers in some schools. No wonder so many westerners who find themselves in China won't hesitate to take advantage of this beautiful situation once the opportunity is given. Surprisingly, while newly made teachers from abroad are occupying the education market in China, the Chinese, in pursuit of better life in other countries, take on a teacher ...
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Share For music lovers. 汪峰演唱会的回忆。
2014-8-7 15:29
For music lovers. 汪峰演唱会的回忆。
If your work or study doesn’t eat up all your time, you can always find a lot of fun things to do in Beijing. Speaking about me, I would never have thought that after a couple of years living in Beijing I would find the Chinese music even more appealing than Western, well, at least some music. This Saturday there was the concert of one of the most popular and nationally loved Beijing-born singer Wang Feng 汪峰, (even my laptop keyboard recognizes his name) in the Olympic Stadium, Bird’s ...
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Share My very first post.
2014-8-6 20:45
My very first post.
Moving to another country does mean an enormous shift in your life. You start seeing things from totally different angle, change your habits and acquire new skills that are necessary to blend in the new surroundings. What is more, you are not willing to come back to your previous life that was stable and still, in the place (in my case, it was Russia) you once left to embrace the challenges of new and exciting life. I have resided in Beijing for almost 4 years. I first came to Beiji ...
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