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5 foods to avoid in China

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Food safety in China has been a serious issue for a number of years now, but despite a wealth of study and research, a number of people remain unaware of the various issues related to food quality. Here we list five foods that it might just be worth avoiding in China:

1. Street vendors.

Is a mixture of gutter oil and rat or cat meat an option for dinner? Probably not the best one. In the past they used to offer delicious food for cheap prices, but growing food inflation has forced roadside vendors to search for cheaper ingredients such as gutter oil from restaurant fryers.

2. Dairy products.

The use of melamine in milk is worrying. Its use in food production is universally banned since it is know to cause urinary problems in people as well as animals. Melamine, a white, crystalline powder used to make plastics, fertilizers and cleaning products, has a high nitrogen content and makes milk appear high in protein. The melamine scandal that broke in 2008 was considered to be one of the biggest scandals related to food safety issues in China ever.

3. Processed food.

Stay clear of processed meat in the supermarkets. And take a close look at the expiry date on products. Meat coloring and additives used in the processed foods can cause stomach disorders.


4. Seafood / shellfish.

Seafood and especially shellfish is a favorite on restaurant food menus. But due to rivers and seas being contaminated, much of the sea delicacies may be poisonous.  Shellfish has a reputation for containing toxic organic compounds, and it is claimed eating it can lead to intoxication and even death. A recent study conducted on water quality in Zhejiang, in the East China Sea, revealed a high concentration of heavy metals such as copper, zinc, lead, nickel, chromium, antimony, and tin–all putting at risk the life of sea species, as well as people’s lives when poisoned seafood is eaten. Moreover, sometimes non-fresh shellfish cause serious health problems.

5. Fruits that look too good to be true.

Abnormally swollen and overly juicy-looking fruits are like the gift from the witch in Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. These fruits are full of unhealthy growth-enhancing chemicals.

Please, leave your opinion in comments . What food do you avoid in China? 

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Reply Report Mishao 2018-12-8 05:57
Particularly the seafood.

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