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Share Buying online in China.
2015-5-30 12:19
While the Chinese economy is slowing down its pace due to a big shift in the country’s development direction, people might see some changes happening right in front of their eyes. Air-polluting Industries, a long-term concern for every China’s dweller, are finally getting out of the cities, leaving a path for other economically profitable sectors to flourish. Nowadays, the Internet is undoubtedly a huge contributor to the Chinese economy. While in China, you can’t help seeing people ar ...
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Share Matchmaking market.
2015-4-30 18:24
Matchmaking market.
Dating is a tough game and when Cupid is a bit slow on the uptake, it’s difficult to know what to do. But, have no fear, today it’s all made simple, as single young men and women (and their parents off course) are turning to an odd form of xiangqin (相亲) , or matchmaking. One of its most unusual forms is gongyuan xiangqin (公园相亲), or matchmaking in the park, a fusion of both traditional and modern styles of xiangqin . Accor ...
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Share 5 foods to avoid in China
2015-4-2 10:45
5 foods to avoid in China
Food safety in China has been a serious issue for a number of years now, but despite a wealth of study and research, a number of people remain unaware of the various issues related to food quality. Here we list five foods that it might just be worth avoiding in China: 1. Street vendors. Is a mixture of gutter oil and rat or cat meat an option for dinner? Probably not the best one. In the past they used to offer delicious food for cheap prices, but growing ...
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Share A guide to meeting your love in China
2015-3-30 16:39
A guide to meeting your love in China
“Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love”, said a well-known physicist and scientist Albert Einstein who, being a father and a twice-married man with a mistress accompanying him in the twilight of his life, definitely had an eye for love affairs. Geography, just like gravitation, is not an obstacle for two loving hearts. People come to China, on different reasons, not expecting that love is awaiting them at the corner. For some, a love affair in China means an a ...
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Share Party boys and girls
2015-2-9 19:40
Party boys and girls
Getting a job as a foreigner can be easy, but dull; some options are simply closed to non-Chinese. But, apart from teaching English, working as actors in Chinese movies’ crowd scenes, and doing modeling, there is a job any club kid would kill for, dubbed a party boy/girl. When I was working in "The World of Chinese", I interviewed a “party boy” from one of the many nightclubs in Beijing. Arthur, 21, from Russia and a student at a Beijing university, is young, energetic, and ...
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Share Chinese cosplay
2015-1-25 23:23
Chinese cosplay
Many folks like to dress up: for some it is superheroes, for others it’s women’s clothing, and for a fair few it is their favorite manga characters. Compared to Japan or the United States, cosplay (模仿秀, . The outrageous appearance of the characters is what attracts cosplayers most. Duanhua’s English name is Hunter (a name that already lends itself to cosplay) and she takes part in many cosplay events. One of them is called 漫展 , or dressing-up parties, where cosplayer ...
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Share China Changes
2015-1-20 15:48
China Changes
Sure, sure, it is a cliche, but China is changing rapidly, bloody rapidly. People from five, ten, 15 years ago, can’t quite get over it. I’m a relative newbie, first coming to Beijing in 2009, and the things that have changed still amaze me. Here are a few of the main changes over the last five years from my own, humble, perspective: 1. Supermarket produce There are more international products in the supermarkets. As more and more foreigners flood Ch ...
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