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Share A story of one tea pilgrim.
2015-7-7 16:00
A story of one tea pilgrim.
“I say let the world go to hell, but I should always have my tea”, states one of the characters in Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s novel “Notes from Underground”. Believe it or not, tea is a story, with its tellers and listeners. It can be romantic and warming like red tea, soothing and calming like green tea, or mysterious and refreshing like pu-erh tea. People drink tea differently in various countries, and choose different kinds of tea due to their preferences. The only thing doesn’t chang ...
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Share Top 10 foreign songs often played in China
2015-4-7 15:52
The Chinese peopl love to sing. In China, certain English songs seem to be constantly ringing in your ears everywhere you go, be it a supermarket, restaurant or tea house. AndI amnot talking about a bit of decent Death Metal either. Cutesy, bland, anodyne pop-songs are very much the order of the day. Some of these Western songs become so prolific as to enjoy far more popularity in China than they ever did in their country of origin. People sing these songs in KTVs, do ...
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Share Joking in the Chinese language.
2015-2-2 09:55
Joking in the Chinese language.
Chinese jokes about misspelling, misunderstanding or mispronunciation are common in China. The Chinese people like to crack jokes at laowai and waidiren who move in droves to the main cities and often fail in communication with the locals due to a poor command of the language or having a terrible accent. Such confusion often gives rise to lame jokes, like this one: A: What color is Spiderman? B: Red and blue. A: No, he’s white! 是白的 man! “白的 ...
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Share Is Chinese tea a medicine?
2014-11-6 01:52
Is Chinese tea a medicine?
I claim myself to be a Chinese tea lover. However, I adopted this habit not so long ago. Back in the days, I used to brew coffee in the mornings and it served an ideal wakening-up ritual before classes. It seemed there was nothing better in the early hours, and during my first several weeks in China, I tried to apply this energy-boosting method to my new daily routine. Nothing of a surprise, it didn’t work out. I had to get up early in the morning, made my way along the dormitory corrid ...
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