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Share Happy birthday to me
2014-9-27 23:13
Happy birthday to me
Tomorrow(Sep.28)is my 20th birthday. This evening, just now, my friend brought me to a tea house.And she bought a birthday cake for me, we spent a wonderful night together. In Chinese tradition, 20 means a lot for a child, especially for a girl. I'm so happy that my friends are with me in my best time of life. And I want to thank everyone who is with me for 20 years. Mommy and Daddy, thank yo ...
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Share Why America is America
2014-9-25 23:15
Recently I kept listening to only one song 'Empire State of Mind'---the anthem of New York City. I had to say its scripts is really inspiring. 'In New York, concrete jungle where dreams are madeof, there's nothing you can't do.~~These streets will make you feel brand new, the lights will inspire you~' But I think America not only belongs to all native Americans, it belongs to the whole world. The prosperity and pow ...
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Share Why u want to go abroad?
2014-9-23 22:09
Many of my friends want to go abroad for study, and many of them have been there for a quite long time. Usually, they choose developed countries like USA, European countries , Australia, New Zealand , Singapore and some others. One of my best friends is extremely crazy about USA. In her mind, USA is the heaven. After graduation, she wants to do masters there, and then finds a job there, maybe she'll spend her rest life t ...
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Share Hahahahahahahahahahaha
2014-9-20 23:38
I am so happy now. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Let me write a blog tomorrow. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Good night.
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Share What's the most exciting thing that happens to you recently?
2014-9-16 22:30
Good night. Have you seen the headline? Yes, it's true. I just want to do a survey. Don't worry. You can write down your answers in the comments, and all readers can share your happiness with all of us. And of course, wish you can happy all the time. Let me first. Recently, I live a rather happy life. Laughing all the time ,staying with my interesting lovely roommates, studying hard, playing hard, and meeting a spe ...
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Share I‘m gonna to be crazy
2014-9-13 21:58
No word can now describe my feelings now. You can't understand how I am agony now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The signal of China Mobile is so bad! Oh my god, I can't get in my wechat. And I have tried so many times. Outside our dormitory, some students are now dancing square dance! Oh my god, they play the music so loud. And the music is of 1970s. It now becomes noise. I plan to read books , but now........ &n ...
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Share About last blog
2014-9-9 23:22
Thank you for criticism. I know maybe it was too naive to write that blog. But I just said what I wanted to say. Yes, it's true that I don't like Beijing. I don't know why, even I had never been there. But that's my intuition. And this can happen on everybody that u don't like it at ur first sight or even in your imagination. And I maybe hurt those who are in love with Beijing. So s ...
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Share Why u like Beijing
2014-9-8 10:38
Actually, i do appreciate China's metropolis, and Shanghai is my best one. Not because it's near Jiangsu (Jiangsu is very weathly as well), but i like its modern life. I have never been to Beijing, though it is the first place where almost every foreigner who comes to China will go. I don't know why, i just don't like Beijing. I can imagine that city, dusty and crowed. Although many places of China are crowed. From my view, Beijing ...
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Share New hair style new mood
2014-8-25 19:51
New  hair  style  new  mood
Why people feel positive after changing a hair style? Is it you feel refresh about yourself? And this afternoon I changed my hair style. Well, although I changed it , it is straight hair. I only improved its quality. &nb ...
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Share So Unlucky Today
2014-8-18 14:50
It's already autumn and it rains recently. And yesterday I was sick. So It's necessary for me to keep warm. But I made a big mistake that I put on my mini--skirt before going out today. Then I went to the&nbs ...
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