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lovesary 2015-8-28 12:27
It's been a long time since the last blog. I have disappeared after mid-term exam. So lets talk about it from the mid-term exam, actually that was my first time to have mid term exam, however, from another side, it does help us in study. The week after mid-term exam, my two roommates went to Busan. We went to Nanpu, it's like a market where clothes, cosmetic products are sold. we had some delicious snakes which are also very cheap. However, i ...
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Share I have disappeared for a long time
lovesary 2015-8-25 22:38
Hey, I have disappeared for such a long time! I will post some blogs these days! I miss all of u
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Share My Crazy Life In Korea
lovesary 2015-5-11 22:55
My Crazy Life In Korea
Good evening, guys! Long time no see! It's 10:53pm here in South Korea, 9:53 pm in China. I was busy with my midterm exams in the April, so i couldn't update my life here. So , lets start from food. Our room sometimes will order delivery food. I guess everyone knows about chicken and beer, but the following pic is about rice cake( 辣炒年糕), very spicy but delicious. On weekend, my friend took me to ...
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lovesary 2015-2-28 21:57
In Korea (2)
About today's blog, I want to talk about Korean food. This is the first meal in Korea which was eaten in student cafeteria. My roommate took me there. It tasted less salty and a little spicy, but that paocai (泡菜)is really delicious. Before coming here, I 've heard that Korea is famous with its paocai. Actually it is! Today, I went to a small restaurant outside the school , the price is lower than that in the scho ...
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lovesary 2015-2-27 21:14
Spending several months of preparing materials to get a visa to Korea, I finally received my visa on Jan.24th. And tomorrow I arrived in Korea smoothly and finally. Seeing the scene from the plane, I strongly felt the beauty of Korea. Among the Pacific Ocean, several islands are floated on it. Amazing nature! I'd like to keep a diary of what's going on here. Time permitting, I would like to keep it every day. Haha. I arrived here at no ...
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Share I want you happy
lovesary 2015-2-9 00:09
Having listened a sad song and thought of something, I felt I want to say a lot. It's true that I wrote many things, but then I deleted all of them. All I want to say is be kind and be strong. I want you happy!!!
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Share Staying in the dom alone
lovesary 2015-1-12 22:18
Staying in the dom alone
Because of some reasons, I cannot go home on time like my other roommates. I'm waiting here to wait for a file in order to get my visa down successfully. U know what? China's post service is so inefficient, especially EMS. I booked the air ticket of Jan.14th, but due to that file, I cant get my visa and so I cant go home. I will cancel that booking tomorrow. As a result, I'm the only one that left in the empty room. When ...
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Share Bye 2014, Hello 2015
lovesary 2014-12-28 11:11
My 2014 is not like many other bloggers' which are so exciting and full of achievements. As a student, or to be more specific, as an English major, my life can be normal and ordinary and sometimes somewhat boring. You never have the idea that how many homework are waiting for u to finish. But even in the most difficult period, U can always be given some little surprises by God to notice u that u are not been forgotten. So, I'd like to share some little surprises o ...
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Share It's worth to read, hahahahaha
lovesary 2014-10-27 14:57
I have been quite busy recent days and maybe i still need to maintain this situation until the end of the year. From Monday to Friday, I have classes to take as an English major. And with no rest on weekends, I need to go to old campus to have my Korean language classes.So, i can only spare time to write blog because i don't want to let my blog full of grass. Actually my life is normal and boring it's just studying, working and ...
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Share Life is so hard
lovesary 2014-10-9 23:31
After having a full day's classes, from morning to evening and no rest at all, I finally came back to my room and had a simple dinner at 21:00. Without taking a break, I turned on my compture, played a song and began to do homework. We recently learned an article about Shakespeare (Oh God, I don't like this guy), so a mass of homework needed to be done for this man. Tired, sleepy and headache, I don't want to have a look at this man at all , so I began to write this bl ...
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