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My Crazy Life In Korea

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      Good evening, guys! Long time no see! It's 10:53pm here in South Korea, 9:53 pm in China. I was busy with my midterm exams in the April, so i couldn't update my life here. So , lets start from food.

      Our room sometimes will order delivery food. I guess everyone knows about chicken and beer, but the following pic is about rice cake( 辣炒年糕), very spicy but delicious.[imgid=0]

      On weekend, my friend took me to eat out, the following pic looks like BBQ. Put the meat on hot stove and bake it, then after it is mature, put the meat into leaf and eat. Actually, I think Korean can try different kinds of plants which I think they are quite bitter for me. [imgid=1]

       This is called giigae, like soup with big bones in it. Korean people like to put rice into the soup and eat it, they think it's a delicious way to eat. And they are so fond of rice, even for breakfast, they still eat rice, which I cant understand and I cant get used to .[imgid=2]

        I went to a famous temple in Korea, we climbed from the cliff to the top. it's quite exciting but dangerous. I took some pics from the top, and down the mountain there is a famous restaurant for chicken. Guess how much is this chicken? It's 45,000KRW, about 260RMB.

        Some weeks ago, I went to the sea, i felt i just wanted to rent a house near the sea and never left it. It's  peaceful and deep blue with no pollution, much much better than Chinese sea!

        On May 1st, I went to Seoul. I went to some famous tourist attractions there. Also there is a Budda Festival in my school. So u can see the colourful lamps hanging in the campus, especially in the evening, it shines like I'm in a wonderland. I had a beautiful afternoon tea in a coffee shop near Ehwa Women University. I have to admit that there are too many coffee shops in the streets of Korea. Haha, this is my lovely roommate and me.

        I still dont learn Korean language here, just learning English. I want to focus on one thing at one time. Life here is quite peaceful and quiet, I really enjoy it. Next semester, my two Korean friends will leave, one will go to the United States, and the other will go to Seoul. I am so sad these days, and i find i thnk too much when i'm alone. I hate the days when we can only skype. I hate saying goodbye. Ahhh. wanna cry!

        Finally, I cut my hair short yesterday. I feel I'm so cool in my short hair!

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