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happyday happyday Translation Tips 翻译点津 5 3513 skywxy 2003-11-20 08:18:29
  good idea thanks
happyday happyday Free Talk 3 5352 snappysammy 2016-7-10 01:08:38
  hi are you free, are you happy, and you want to help me? i dont know how to translate the next art ...
happyday happyday Translation Tips 翻译点津 5 3513 skywxy 2003-11-20 08:18:29
  hi you are so kind and i dont know how to say if you are not busy, and want to help me, then oh r ...
LOVE and MARRIAGE ... 1 2 Free Talk 8 8781 kelphon 2003-11-14 11:54:51
  Hi Happy day All is changing, people are, simple e.g. there are not the same river. The river is mov ...
Some things to ponder ... 1 2 Practical English 实用英语 12 11646 forrest 2003-11-13 17:26:31
  i must say we are lucky we are living in a peace country, no war country. we can have the right to ...
What do you think about your friend? ... 1 2 Free Talk 10 9782 malisar 2003-11-5 16:17:48
  one people who have not friend, i cant believe some have few friend, some have several friend and so ...
what kind of life is best ... 1 2 3 Practical English 实用英语 20 10925 hellworldfwy 2003-11-9 09:50:20
  what kind of life is the best? different have different view, happy family, nice lover ,good job and ...
She loves you but you... Free Talk 4 6385 skywxy 2003-11-4 13:12:42
  hi around us, many kinds of things no way first way you put your feeling in your heart and accet h ...
when is the best age for you to get marriage? ... 1 2 3 4 5 6 Free Talk 36 13616 snappysammy 2011-9-6 09:08:26
  any time ,any age, i think the key is the right people. no ages, no nation, no race. and when you th ...
do yourself Free Talk 3 6587 skywxy 2003-11-1 12:42:38
  i dont want to say who is right , who is wrong it is only my own view i live for myself
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