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Share Where to have fun in Chengdu? Bamboo Sea a wonderland of green!
2015-1-14 17:13
Bamboo Sea, the state 4A class tourist area, "China Famous National Scenic Area", "one of the Chinese fortieth best tourism destination ", "Chinese biosphere protection zone ", "one of the ten forests of most beautiful Chinese National Geographic" selection, located in the south of Sichuan in the territory of Yibin City, the territory of Changning and Jiangan county at the junction of two, about 430 kilometers from north Chengdu,covers an area of 120 square kilometers, 44 squ ...
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Share Where to have fun in Chengdu?Yuecheng Lake where the immortals live!
2015-1-13 17:05
The Yuecheng(city of the moon) Lake is located between the Zhangren peak and Qinglong Gang in Mount Qingcheng scenic area. the ghost town mountain under Zhangren peak is Mount Guicheng(city of the ghost), also known as Mount Yuecheng Lake, so comes the name of the lake. Stream from Mount Gaotai is the sources of the lake, flow into the open valley in the mountains and sometimes ther ...
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Share Where to have fun in Chengdu? Qingyang palace the magical temple of Taoism!
2015-1-9 14:34
Qingyang palace, is a national key Taoism temple, a Sichuan province key cultural relics protection unit. Qingyang palace is also one of the famous Taoist temples in the country. Qingyang palace is located in the west 2 section of first ring road of Chengdu, beside River Jinjiang, the southwest of Chengdu city, Sichuan province, southwestern Ch ...
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Share Where to have fun in Chengdu? Zoige grassland-a piece of emerald in Sichuan
2015-1-7 11:35
Zoige grassland is like a piece of magnificent and brilliant emerald inlaid on the northwest sichuan border. Known as the "oasis of northwest Sichuan plateau", Zoige grassland is one of the three largest wetlands in our country, with a total area of about 5.3 square kilometers, the total population is 261500. Zoige grassland is a special area of the eastern edge of qinghai-tibet plat ...
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  • Mouthwatering cuisines in Chengdu 2017-10-15 18:48

    You know chinese take more time for cooking a delicious dish. I ever had been to France and Gernany, in these countries, people take less time in the kitchen. do yo agree my opion ?

  • Spring Flowers 2015-12-29 09:25

    samlam: We all are waiting for the Spring Festival, a Chinese new year. It is a new start of the year.
    Yes!It is the most important Festival for us !

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