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Share What Would The World Really Be Like If America Went Home
2014-9-28 08:43
I was reading some of the comments today that were being made about the USA in the UN. Not a place necessarily friendly to us but does give voice to many different countries. Russia was lambasting us for our actions in the world, in essence forcing our world view down everyone's throats. I can not deny that we can be a bit heavy handed at times and our good intentions do not always work out well. We really need to be more selective in what we take on. I think it is about time we the USA to ...
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Share Acomidating Islam Culture
2014-9-27 01:57
I was reading our local news and saw an article on some demands a Muslim family was making on a food bank. They were demanding to be supplied with Halal food. They are being provided with housing and food stamps and free medical care. I always believed a person should adopt the values of the surrounding culture and not the other way around. Are they making unreasonable demands, your thoughts please.
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