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Share Ou Feifei's Universe
2014-10-9 01:49
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Share Bigger, Faster and Heavier- Amy's College Admission Notificationl Arrives Today!
2014-8-3 13:35
As China grows bigger, faster, and heavier in terms of international import, so is our college admission notificiation mail! Yup, it is so much bigger than the small yellow envelope I got years ago. And it reached us exactly a week after the notification was texted to our cellphones. It is so much faster , in other words. It took me more than a month to get my life-saving mail that contained a notification with a misspelling of my name, which still reminded me of ...
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Share To My Eighteen-year-old
2014-7-13 13:04
The long and winding road to this day is like no other. The girl standing up straight for the world is like no other. On and off, off and on, we have lived under the same roof, until college is to do us apart. Wherever you’d be weaving yet another circle of life with your warmth and wisdom, I know you’d be doing it fairly well. You are such a sparkle of life, ...
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Share Strindberg's Miss Julie Singing in Beijing Opera in Shanghai
2014-7-11 17:03
For those who had chosen to go to Academy Theatre on this past Monday evening, their Monday fully packed with panel discussions and workshops ended with an incomparable delicacy. Shang Theatre Academy, chief organizer of PSi (Performance Studies International) 20, presented Miss Julie as "a new Beijing Opera after Strindberg" to some 500 assorted audience from all corners of the earth as one of the showcase performances for the 5-day conference closing on July 8. For those ...
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Share ITI Director-General on the Avant-garde and Theatre Education
2014-7-11 14:51
"What is the position of the institution that educates their students in the different disciplines of the performance arts? Can they teach avant-garde? Can they teach innovation? " Thus spoke Tobias Biancone, director-general of International Theatre Institute (ITI) at the opening ceremony of the 20th Conference of Performance Studies International (PSi 20) held in Shanghai Theatre Academy on the evening of July 4. Some 500 people, theatre scholars, teachers and artists ...
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Share Has Literature Replaced Religion as the Secular Faith?
2014-6-16 01:43
Is your Sunday aboutyour father, ora football?Sadly, and gladly,minehas to beabout literature. It is about writing a paper on the avant-gardetheatrein the morning, and going to lectures on American literature in the afternoon, and in the evening. Our dean has just come back from Columbia Universitywithperfect confidence in winning usover a little ball that the Americans call soccer. The spea ...
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Share Is Snowden a[n American] Hero?
2014-6-8 16:42
In the recent NBC interview, Snowden insists he is an American patriot, justisfying what he has been doing by provocating"civil disobedience", the idea of whichHenry David Thoreau (1817-1862)has famously come up with and has henceforth inspired, among others, Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King in their fight for justice. Given the fact that Thoreau has been generally celebrated as an Americanhero, one begins to wonder if the same can ...
Personal category: Society|1394 views|4 comments Popularity 2
Share Guess Who Panicked on the First Day of Gaokao?
2014-6-7 08:57
By now, my daughter should have been admitted to her test room. She was driven over by avolunteer driver who kindly pulled over in our neighborhood five minutes earlier than our agreed time of 8 AM. And her mother got a minute or two to go over her panick attack in the last night's dream: I had to lose my shoes on the way somewhere, and then when I was hungry, there was no spoon or chopsticks to eat with! What about my daughter? The only panick shewas having overbreakfast  ...
Personal category: Life|961 views|2 comments Popularity 1
Share A Few Things My Daughter Does NOT Know about My Gaokao in 1987
2014-6-5 02:50
Just two days later,my daughter will be sitting for hergaokao, or college entrance examination.We've been talking about some detailsfor the day that her class teacher has kindly reminded us at the recent PA meeting. Whenever I don't seem to follow her, she exclaims, "My Goodness, have you gaokaoed before?," meaningI should have known better.Having been tipped offby a friend majoring in psychoanalysis that allkids have to "kill" (symbolically, of c ...
Personal category: Life|1176 views|9 comments Popularity 6
Share Cultural Shock in the Toilet and Beyond
2014-6-3 12:18
Joe visited me from New Yorka few years ago, refusing to believe it was overbetween usnot just because my year-long visit therewas over. I appreciated his insistence upon the slightestpossibility and invited him to myapartment. I had the slightest idea that would kick off a series ofshocks for himbefore I checked him in the school hotel.He could not or would not pee in my toilet, which is basically a hole. After all,my 20-year-old apar ...
Personal category: Life|1132 views|2 comments Popularity 1
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  • Is Snowden a[n American] Hero? 2014-6-8 21:34

    ColinSpeakman: You are going to get different opinions on this, I have lived in USA, though not an American. I am sure that there are many who do not appreciate the  ...
    It's complicated.  

  • Is Snowden a[n American] Hero? 2014-6-8 20:13

    You are going to get different opinions on this, I have lived in USA, though not an American. I am sure that there are many who do not appreciate the widespread intrusion without justification into citizens' affairs. In exposing that, Snowden has taken one for the people! I believe Pres Obama himself has asked that these intrusions be rolled back. Snowden put himself in a place of discomfort to do so. If that is the main focus, then he can be seen to be patriotic in the sense of : for the people. However he has made what might be necessary international intelligence gathering to keep America safe, more problematic. Or has he? If he has, that could harm the people and be seen as unpatriotic! It is a question of where to put the focus!

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