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I am pretty sure I saw this movie several years ago. I was then probably too innocent to be touched and to have strong feelings deep down invoked by it. About a week ago, I came across the beautiful lines from this movie when I was skimming what was in on my microblog. Anyway, I watched it again last night.


First of all, I enjoyed the music thoroughly, the melody of piano in particular. I don't know why. Somehow the music itself to me was very healing. Of course, I love the story. Movies adapted from true stories always carry an extra touch of beauty. It invariably offers me great chances to relate to my life and meanwhile to ponder over many things in life.


The story itself is as a matter of fact a bit heavy. But the director told it in a light-hearted way so that when people view it, they can be made to feel anything but sadness. Even though the leading actor-Philip was paralyzed and can't feel a thing down his neck, he isn't just waiting for his day to come and he clearly knows what he needs. He wants no pithiness from people around him and he still holds passion as well as love towards life. This type of attitude just fascinates me.


Driss is a great helping hand to Philip. He is actually the special spice that Philip desperately needs in life. Driss treats him like a normal person. He jokes with him and teases him. He takes him to do whatever ordinary people may consider unfit or ridiculous for Philip. They even put on a great show in front of the police so as to avoid being punished for speeding.


Driss is something different. For a rich guy like Philip, people he socializes with must be just like him well-mannered, gentle and with classic taste. Driss is the very opposite to the aforementioned. He has criminal records; He is not well-educated and he doesn't know much about classical music or art. But he is just as alive as everyone in the world. He is humorous and positive and he has his principles. What's more, he is probably the only one who regards Philip as a human being. He takes care of him and takes him to appreciate beautiful scenery and encourages him to chase after love.


It is already very difficult for Philip to deal with his traumatic situation-losing his wife and bed or wheelchair-bound for the whole life. He definitely doesn't want to deal with the people around him who show their pity to Philip in every conceivable way. What they say and how they behave in front of Philip are constantly reminding Philip that he is just waiting to die and his life is already over. Ever though he is not dead physically, he is absolutely dead spiritually. This is probably what most people think who are around Philip.


For a dying person or for a person seriously ill like Philip, he last thing he wants is to be reminded that he is doomed to die soon. This makes him impossible to enjoy the last days in life. I suppose for a person in that situation, ordinary daily life is just as precious as well as memorable as the glorious and unforgettable time in common citizens' life. There may be no time in his time that he wants to be treated as a normal person more than in his last bit of life. So hold back the pity and show some respect.


May we all have the great courage to face life!

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  • The Purpose of Reading 2018-4-12 13:45

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  • Why don't We Stand Out and Fight? 2018-4-4 14:14

    It is actually emotionally and mentally healthy to have nursing homes for old people in residential areas, and makes it easy for families to visit their elderly relations regularly.
    Death happens to everyone and it is stupid to hide it away. Death is not bad luck - it will happen to you and me.
    In some European countries there are homes for the elderly next to kindergartens, and everyone benefits from interacting with each other on a daily basis.
    The elderly benefit from interacting with children and keeps them mentally alert, whereas the young learn about death as a normal part of life.

    For a country that supposedly 'respects' their elders, China has a very superstitious attitude to death and dying.
    where i am from, the elderly are allowed and supported by family and state) to be independent and in their own homes.
    Where medical treatment is needed, residential homes allow the elderly appropriate facilities in towns and cities while their families can visit easily and local residents can interact with them.
    In addition, local communities benefit from being able to interact with these residents and the residents can still be part of a local community, not hidden away as something to be ashamed of or 'taboo'.

    Shame on China for such medieval superstitious attitudes regarding death.
    Does China 'respect' the elderly so much that they should be hidden away from people's lives?

    Do you want to be isolated and hidden away when you are old and your family don't want to or can't visit you?

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