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Share Why don't We Stand Out and Fight?
2018-3-18 17:46
Why don't we stand out and fight? Around a month ago, I was informed that there was a plan to build a nursing home for old people in the five empty apartments on the first floor of the apartment building where I am staying and the adjacent one where my sister is staying. We were all outrageous partly because neither of us was asked for opinion regarding this and partly because we had never heard a ridiculous plan like this. We respect the need of ol ...
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Share The Purpose of Reading
2018-3-18 17:15
The Purpose of Reading Why do we read? Do we read for joy?Do we read for knowledge? Or do we read for enlightenment?When little, I had never been able to figure out why people around me kept telling me that a person should read as much as possible. Nobody had attempted to explain the explicit benefits of reading to me. However, I embarked on a journey of finding the purpose of reading myself when growing u ...
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Share I am not a monster
2016-2-25 13:43
This is dedicated to the single, to those who dare to fight against the enormous pressure imposed on them by family and society. About two years ago, I came back from Australia to celebrate Chinese New Year. One day, one of my uncles decided to treat me to lunch. We were talking about my life abroad. Somehow the topic drifted to my classmates in Australia. I told my uncle that I had a very nice Japanese friend. He suddenly asked me how old she was and whether or not she was ma ...
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Share My story of English learning
2014-9-15 12:24
Mind you, if you are looking for shortcuts for learning English, you will be disappointed because I don’t really think there are any. I just want to share my experience of learning English with others. And hopefully, people who are keen to learning English can find something helpful after reading this. Like a lot of Chinese students, I started learning English as soon as I entered secondary school. During the three years in my junior high school, I had learnt nothi ...
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Share Back in China
2014-8-31 13:49
Back in China So far, I have been back in China for more than a month. What I have experienced during this period of time is the exactly opposite to what I had imagined. While I was still in Australia, I had pictured the bright future ahead of me. At that time, I believed after I came back to China, I would land a decent job, earn good money and visit different places. Now when I recall it, I suppose I was just too naïve. Also, what I cann ...
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Share The things you need to know before studying abroad
2014-6-23 09:29
The things you need to know before studying abroad This article is written for Chinese students who want to further their education in English-speaking countries. There are quite a few stereotypes in China surrounding receiving education in an English-speaking country, such as Australia. With the popularity of studying overseas, more and more Chinese international students suffer from those misleading stereotypes. Based on my limited experience, ...
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Share The things I love about Australia
2014-6-19 11:22
The things I love about Australia
The things I love about Australia So far, I have been living in Australia for approximately one and half years. Soon, I am going to bid farewell to this lovely country. Before I leave, I want to make sure that I pay due tribute to it. Generally, when we hear the very word “Australia”, the first things that jump into our mind will be the breathtakingly beautiful beach, the magnificent tropical forest, the abundant and adorable kangaroos and koa ...
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Share Is studying abroad worthwhile?
2014-6-14 22:45
Is studying abroad worthwhile? It would be me lying through my teeth if I claimed that I had never doubted my decision of studying abroad. As a matter of fact, long before I got my offer from Wollongong University, there was one time I became really hesitant because my parents wanted to pull some strings to get me a position in a Chinese state-owned bank. At that time, I was torn between choosing stability and uncertainty. So I decided to turn to my friends for advi ...
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Share The lucky dog
2014-6-5 11:59
I had never considered myself lucky before luck finally hit me. You see, I didn’t get high score in Gaokao. So I wound up entering an ordinary university. After four years in that university, I flunk the entrance exam of graduate school. Next, I got this not so ideal job after graduation. But there was this one time, I was the lucky dog. And to me, that one time to be lucky was more than enough to compensate for all the bad luck in the past. While I was studying in ...
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Share Aloneliness can be a blessing
2014-6-3 21:22
I want to thank some friends who soptted the mistakes in this article. So I edited it. I suppose we all feel lonely once in a while. However, loneliness seems to be ubiquitous ( a bit exaggerating) when you live in a foreign country. Under this circumstance, you either drown in aloneliness or thrive in it. It goes without saying that there are reasons why Chinese international students (at least those I know here) tend to live a solitary life. To start with, it is extremely diffi ...
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  • The Purpose of Reading 2018-4-12 13:45

    we have the same feeling about. reading,reading. really tells us a lot especially when welearn foreign can help us to understand other. country's culture and customs.therefore,when we talk. in foreign languages.we. needn't worry about. making too. much also can enrich our life.let's enjoy reding

  • Why don't We Stand Out and Fight? 2018-4-4 14:14

    It is actually emotionally and mentally healthy to have nursing homes for old people in residential areas, and makes it easy for families to visit their elderly relations regularly.
    Death happens to everyone and it is stupid to hide it away. Death is not bad luck - it will happen to you and me.
    In some European countries there are homes for the elderly next to kindergartens, and everyone benefits from interacting with each other on a daily basis.
    The elderly benefit from interacting with children and keeps them mentally alert, whereas the young learn about death as a normal part of life.

    For a country that supposedly 'respects' their elders, China has a very superstitious attitude to death and dying.
    where i am from, the elderly are allowed and supported by family and state) to be independent and in their own homes.
    Where medical treatment is needed, residential homes allow the elderly appropriate facilities in towns and cities while their families can visit easily and local residents can interact with them.
    In addition, local communities benefit from being able to interact with these residents and the residents can still be part of a local community, not hidden away as something to be ashamed of or 'taboo'.

    Shame on China for such medieval superstitious attitudes regarding death.
    Does China 'respect' the elderly so much that they should be hidden away from people's lives?

    Do you want to be isolated and hidden away when you are old and your family don't want to or can't visit you?

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