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Share Repsot and Be Lucky!
2018-7-20 21:28
Repsot and Be Lucky!
How to pass a difficult exam? How to get a handsome boyfriend? How to lose weight successfully? Bother not to make detailed plan, carry out the plan persistently and wait to see an uncertain result after a rather long period. Now, we may have a more convenient and quicker way to realize all these wishes. Let’s repost! Yes, that’s the answer I provide. Recently, I have noti ...
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Share She Would Never Respond
2018-7-19 12:13
When the news came that she was gone, I was still in school, failing to go back to hometown immediately. Several days before the news, father gave a mild suggestion: “How about coming back and keeping her company for days? ”: I was then too slow to penetrate beneath the words but replied hesitantly: “You know, I’m busy with my academic work, it’s not a proper time—” He i ...
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Share Interesting or uninteresting Virginia Woolf?
2017-5-1 22:00
Interesting or uninteresting Virginia Woolf?
“I will never be a supporter of Virginia Woolf,” I told my roommates arbitrarily after having read several short stories with so many stream of consciousness in the literature class, “why should I spend a good two hours reading that a woman go to buy a bunch of flowers but find she’s still in the same place after thirty pages. Horrible experience.” It’s true that reading an English novel or something related is so time-consuming, especial ...
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Share Story
2016-11-26 19:58
When you saygoodbye, I suddenlygot Everythingissolittle,except our love, Iwillnotlieagain,norturnforhesitationforprotect, After your ordertoanywherepossible,oncethemoonrisetheskyabove . Whenwefindtheforgottenland,mylove,sitbyavastofdark&nbs ...
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Share Twenty something adults, transitional period or embarrassed group?
2016-10-15 16:18
Twenty something adults, transitional period or embarrassed group?
It always seems sensitive when we talk about age, since age may produce magical changes from physical appearance to psychological condition on people. Obviously, the first important age that means a lot for most of us should be the moment of being an adult, a symbol for maturity both in body and heart. However, the problem is that the number of 18 doesn’t really make us mature or independent. After we cross the gate of 18, it may easily disappoint us when we find out ...
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Share New Life in Shisu
2016-9-15 12:16
New Life in Shisu
ShiSU is short for Shanghai International Studies University, which is a pretty beautiful campus located in Shanghai. One week ago, I came from Chengdu to Shisu to further my study in English. The 27-hour-journey on the train is tiring and dull and I couldn’t stop missing my old friends, which constantly made me think that my choice of leaving Chengdu, a familiar city, is totally wrong. However, when I set foot on the land of Shanghai, a busy and li ...
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Share WHO AM I ?
2016-3-3 12:29
In my early dream at night, I set myself free, just like a cloud wandering in vast sky, and I was always wandering in boundless and fantastic world in which anything can happen and everything is possible to reach. Sometimes I would have coffee on beach and the next moment I would be transferred to the deep mountain where nobody has set foot on. Like all the young people at my age, my heart desires for nothing material but adventurous life and unusua ...
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Share what's the other half of you?
2015-12-16 22:29
what's the other half of you?
As we only have one body, is it strange foryou to ask “what’s the other half of you”? By saying so,I don’t mean that most of us are mentally split or that there is another one in the parallel space, which has norelationship with such serious topic. I just mean mask. True it is that thereare two of us coexisting in the not so big body, one is the mask you wear toshow to others and the other is the real self. We spent all of our life trying to find outans ...
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Share Trip of summer day
2015-6-23 19:50
June 20th, the day of summer solstice, at the invitation of my roommate, we set off to enjoy the beautiful lotus located in a wetland near the university. Though being bathed in the damp and hot wind which is exclusive to Chengdu, we were still in good mood watching the flashing scenery out of the window. We arrived at the destination about 10 o’ clock after 20 minutes’ bus riding. It was still very early then and not so many tourists flocked here. A pond of lot ...
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Share 2015-05-14
2015-5-14 14:53
There are always a lot of interesting ideas, stories, and pictures on blogs. Once, I came across a series of pictures with big animals that I have never seen in life. Actually, they were animals which have become extinct over 10000 years ago. It’s said that scientists were trying to make them reappear by using genetic technology. It really sounds fantastic! I do admire the idea of the scientist, but I do not agree with them. Several years ago, t ...
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  • On Love 2017-1-26 04:28

    Understand is mainthing also believe

  • New Life in Shisu 2017-1-1 14:26

    Wow,so great! My dream is to get into Shanghai International Studies University.

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