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Twenty something adults, transitional period or embarrassed group?

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 It always seems sensitive when we talk about age, since age may produce magical changes from physical appearance to psychological condition on people. Obviously, the first important age that means a lot for most of us should be the moment of being an adult, a symbol for maturity both in body and heart.

However, the problem is that the number of 18 doesn’t really make us mature or independent. After we cross the gate of 18, it may easily disappoint us when we find out that nothing changes with the increase of age and everything in life is the same as usual, especially for Chinese teenagers who just get access to university where study is the permanent topic.

Will things be better when we are twenty something?

Oh, sometimes even terrible.

To be an adult under twenty, we still have the right to enjoy the life of a teenager, I mean enjoying life without any worry and get pocket money from parents. But no sooner can we notice the trace of time than we become twenty something.

It seems that the whole script of my life is edited over night. Parents are no more lovely shepherds who set their sheep in the plain without much restrain but they try hard to inform you of the importance of being a real adult, exactly speaking, being a man or woman with a decent job, satisfactory salary and nice mate. If any refusal goes to them, the economic support will be cut off immediately just as a method to promote your movement towards the demands. And our friends who ever have fun together also changes. When you ask “hey, where have been these days?”, a possible answer may be “endeavor for my future.”

The idea that we are twenty something is then like influenza that sweeps across us. The focus of life changes. When we are not twenty something, we are allowed to experience life and enjoy life to its extreme but now we are expected to make a blueprint for the rest of life.

To be frank, it is really embarrassed and awkward having to plan for the next 40 or 50 more years in advance. Even though we are the so-called twenty something with adult looking and seemingly sophisticated behavior, we are not so mature in essence and still at sea wondering the true meaning of life. But everyone else around you will regard you as an adult, which force to be like a really one. And pretending to be what you are not like is hard, for example, trying to join the strange topic of cheat in business or gossip in marriage, too far to understand.

We are expected to grow up into a nice person as soon as possible and get rid of the childish condition, which quite makes trouble. As the old saying goes, more haste, less speed.

It is a turbulent time of mind chaos as well as a transitional period for the next stage. There is of course a period of inevitable suffering last for one year or more. However, after enough consideration and practice for future plan, everything may become OK. After all, everyone have a time of being twenty something.

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