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Share Learning to drive
Winmie 2014-6-10 22:12
From 9 a.m.-6 p.m. today,I went to the driving school to learn how to drive. 'Causeit's the first time I touch the wheel, I feel so excited and to some extent, a little nevous. The whole day task is all about the so called "Back into the garage", and it's proved to be the most difficult part.Three person as a team, the coach let us to practise in turn.(half an hour a round) The other two girls, who have been here yesterday, obviously drived much better than ...
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Share Why like this?
Winmie 2014-5-31 11:50
This morning, I read news online. To be honest, after that, I feel terrible, sad, sorry ,even shock!! Why our society like this??! So many negatiive things every day. Maybe one day, I'llbe missingsuddenly, seriously. See theone of the topic below: 1、Awoman was beatenby 6 people in a Mcdon', die, finally I really feel sorry for this.I knowI have no right to criticize those present(They cannot stop the traged ...
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Share The feeling of graduation
Winmie 2014-5-27 20:12
The feeling of graduation
Time flies. It seems that I just entermy college yesterday. But sooner or later, I have to leave it. How can I express this feeling? Actually,a littlecomplicated. Happy, because I don't have to participate in the boring lessons any more. Sad, because I have to separate with my dear classmates, which, I've been toghter with for nearly 4 years. Afraid, because people will not treat us as our teachers and friends did. We all know, in ...
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