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The Red-Stone Gorge in Yulin,Shaanxi

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The Red-Stone Gorge in Yulin,Shaanxi

     During the journey heading to Yulin on a long distance bus, two local people said to us like this,"To visit Yulin,the first you must visit Zhenbei Tower,The Red-Stone Gorge as the second.The Red-Stone Gorge has particularly become a renowned tourist spot,therefore some film-making groups( the camera crew )settled down here to do their work!"We must savor this place as it was descibed impressively.However,we do did some prediction and mental preparation in advance for"The babit of self-appreciation"of the local people. ; Nothing is unexpected,the Red-Stone Gorge is an unregrenteful choice we made for travelling and a superb place to enjoy every corner of it in each moment.Unexpectedly speaking,it is the biggest cliff grottoes in Shaanxi province.Seeing the stone sculptures and holes in different shapes and sizes,which are full of the surface on both side of the aubure cliffs and a mightly stream running happily through the bottom of the valley immediately makes our spirit deeply touched by the cozy wind of historical achievements and the cultural remains while standing still.     (the sceney here has been solidly engraved on my mind,and become a treasure of my life pilgrimage)

    By comparing my personal version of translation and the answers given by the authority,I can realized that my version was over-translated and lacked lots of translation skills.Would it be possible that I can make a great progress by practising through endless trial and error.Definitely,right?Yes?!

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    teamkrejados: English should not be taken off the GaoKao, if for no other reason than the sign saying "Engoy".   
    Great GaoKao pep talk, and right o ...
    I absolutely agree with you!

  • Let's Enjoy and Take Down Gaokao 2014-6-8 08:52

    English should not be taken off the GaoKao, if for no other reason than the sign saying "Engoy".  
    Great GaoKao pep talk, and right on. Wish you a great day.

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