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He is on the Way to His Dream Ⅱ

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The size of one’s life stage depends on the capacity of his heart. The length of one’s life road lies in the height of his goal. Chinese dreama dream gathered everyone’s ultimate goal can be regarded as a great dream.And I am also a part of it.

Dream in His Teenage Years


What he had experienced told him that his fate only can be changed by the way of good study. In schoolhe was always the first one to come and the last one to leave.He put all his energy and effort into study. He could never forget what his teachers gave to him.After knowing his special conditionhis teacher paid close attention to him regularly not only in study, but also in daily life by giving him selfless care love and encouraging him when he was down and being his soul companion.

At that time, his family struggled financially. What had happened made this family more difficultespecially in finance. He had to figure out one way to solve the problem, at least, to give his personal effort. He found that the instant noodlesalso call dry noodlesa kind of snack for the young boys and girlswas becoming so popular in middle school. Then he ran his own business by selling it during his spare time. Every day after school he would go far away places to purchase, and then be back before the self-study class, nothing could stop himeven in the hot summer and cold winter. Each box of instant noodles could earn five yuan. Although he loved to eat it , but he was reluctant to open one bag.

When it comes to summer, he collected empty bottles which the students finished drinking, and then sold to the recycle station. It is necessary to learn, to earn a living, although everyday’s life was full of exhaustion, he always had a dream, he always insisted on.

After senior high school entrance examination he went to work with his uncle in Beijing. This was his first time to see Beijing he couldn’t believe he was actually here. Beijing, a city with many-storied mansions and heavy traffic made this teenager who came from the rural areas feel surprisingly shocked. He worked at a hotel, through a hard and sweaty month, he got his first salary -- eight hundred RMB. He put the money in his pocket in piety. When he was back home in pride by giving his pay to his family, he saw my father's eyes moist.

It was the first time he felt that what he can do for the family, although he did not enjoy the real sceneries which offered by Beijing.And he missed a lot of opportunities to have a savor in this sacred city,which full of high-tech appliances and traditional tastes.Actually now he felt that his dream had come true.

After three years study he was admitted by a college.He did part time job again at a restaurant in his hometown to earn his university tuition.

When the train pulled out of his own home, he saw his mother and father’s figure gradually blurred in the field of vision. He had made his mind, and planned a the future blueprint both for himself and his family. At that moment, he ,holding the admission notice felt that he took a step closer to his dream.

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