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The Life Which I am Longing for!

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I was online last night. All of a sudden, Tyler, one of my QQ chat mates, asked me a question, I thought it would be an academic one, however it wasn’t. “Which kind of life scenery are you longing for? Like a forest, an ocean, or a small village, etc.” he asked.


I thought he was just giving me an interesting psychological test with several options which I could choose from. But actually, he wasn’t. He just wanted me to look forward something beautiful with my imagination. Suddenly, my mind was in a mess.

 Like what he had referred to, a forest No, absolutely not, this is not my favorite. As we all known, forest is beautiful, especially when you are sitting on a bench, with the shadow on your face while enjoying this cozy moment. However, for me, forest makes me get lost. I have no sense of direction when I am in it. I hate that feeling. What’s worse, the existing of some strange scary creatures like snakes which make feel terrified and horrible. When it comes to autumn and winter, this whole bare nothing and the color of them would freak me out.

An ocean? I went Beidaihe in Qinhuangdao, Hebei province, during this dragon-boat festival. The weather there is cool, cozy and comfortable. If you are longing for a cool summer, it is better for you to choose here as a nursing house. Sitting on the beach with my best buddies, with a gentle wind blowing through both of us do help get rid of our tiresome and troublesome. However, sometimes, its wideness makes me confused. It seems that time flies faster by seeing the shadow on the beach and hearing the sound of the sea waves. I am not going to live here for my rest of my life, because of its bad-tempered character and its wideness. Uncountable boats and shops including Titanic were swallowed into its “stomach” which terrifies me a little bit. And also I still feel speechless about its inconsiderate to our human beings’ desire for living.

A metropolis with well-facilitated public usesconvenient and high efficient transportation is not my priority, either. Even though,it's full of fashionable designs with all kinds of multicolored lights which show the creativity and imagination of our human beings.But it is still not my priority.I can imagine that I get up early every morning and go to work in a hurry,at the end of my day,sitting on a crowded bus or a subway which are full of a group of people who look tired and exhausted on my way home.This actually makes my life tedious and boring.The overload work and over-burden stress deprive my right to enjoy the gorgeous night scenery.Even the twinkling lights make me dizzy.When I get home,lying on the bed,I would still be bothered by the whistle of the cars and the footsteps of the busy night walkers.Horrible indeed.My own space is invaded rudely.

Luxurious building with splendid offices?Nope!It seems that I am not ready for this,wearing a  formal suit with tie.Imagine that,sitting in an office,faced with computers,telephones and tax machines,you would be completely surrendered by loads of documents and files so that you have to neglect the emotional communication with others.I cannot stand it.

A small quiet village?I was born here and spent my child hood here.So I have no interests living here for a lifetime.

Oh my god!Which kind of life scenery am I yearing for?Finally,something stuck in my mind.That is a wide fresh green grassland with some colorful flowers scattered randomly.A lake with a little white bridge appears in my sight.I am holding a book,sitting on the grass,accompanied by my lovely dog.While he is playing on the ground.I am willing to lie on the grass when I feel tired,seeing the pure blue sky with several clouds,or just having a sunshine shower.On weekend,I could fly a kite,listening to my favorite song,running with my cute dog,smiling and enjoying this incredible harmonious and adorable moment.At night,I could appreciate the mysterious sky while counting the twinkling stars.If I am fortunate enough,I would meet a meteor,then make a wish.After that,I would fall asleep and say hi to my sweet dreams until the sunrise of next day.

Even though the reality is hard to accept,we can still imagine it like a blissful dream.Just take it as a way to get relaxed. 

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    English should not be taken off the GaoKao, if for no other reason than the sign saying "Engoy".  
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