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Let's Enjoy and Take Down Gaokao

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Tomorrow (June 7th)is the day which carries loads of students' university dreams,they have been putting their effort for ages.Finally it's time to gain the fruitful harvest through Gaokao,this traditional and unique examination which only owned in our China.

1.The Gaokao is without end.

In the past,we called it “College Entrance Examination",but recently the word “Gaokao”has been collected into the English dictionary which stands for our Chinese special examination system and is not going to change in a short-term which basicly depend on our China's National Conditions.Gaokao has been carried out for a very long time and it has been lasting until today.This is how is was,is now,and ever shall be,the Gaokao without end.

Nowadays more and more reports about the number of committing suicide are constantly increasing.Reasons for this stupid and irresponsible action varies from one to another.Personally speaking,of course ,to some extent,everyone has pressure,the problem is you need to learn how to control it and balance your attitude to life.Once you cannot change it,accept it boldly,that‘s what the human beings always do.Cherish your life is the most important thing in our life,and we are not live only for ourselves,our lives convey enormous people’s  happiness who are around us,including our parents,relatives and friends.  There is no free lunch in the world.Everything you want ,you need to pay.So be brave and strong,do not be broke down easily by any hinders or obstacles,just learn to overcome it and learn from it.

2.Gaokao is not Only a Key to Paradise but to Hell.

Gaokao is a key to paradise,of course for the brilliant and excellent students who are well-prepared ,capable of taking exams.Through Gaokao ,they can enter an outstanding university and find a stable job with the help of its high fame and reputation.So we can say Gaokao is like an angel who will give you a pair of invisible wings to take you to the paradise.

Like every coin has two sides,Gaokao is not an exception,either.For the students who get low marks which under the standard level of entering a university,they will just give up their studying career and get prepared for being labor workers.According to the marks given by Gaokao ,they will consider themselves as the ones who do not have a bright future in study.So they have to accept the reality and spend the rest of their life ordinarily.So Gaokao is also a monster who has been keeping killing numbers of people's dreams and putting them into the “Hell of human society."

3.Let Us Try to Diagnose It and Find a Piece of Painkiller for Gaokao. 

Gaokao has been arousing attention from various of fields of our society,including parents,experts,specialists,The Ministry of Education,almost everyone,even our official representatives.Even though all of us know that there exists many problems,it's extremely hard to find another way as a tool of measurement except Gaokao.Both fairness and justice are involved in it,like an old saying"No pain, no gain."

But for those who failed Gaokao,there is still another way to choose,like what has been saying"When god closes a door, he opens a window elsewhere."All you need to do is to find your interest point and dig it in,with the help of your potential,being somebody.

The students who passed Gaokao,please do not think this is the end and begin to relax without any consideration.Keep something in mind,that is your road of learning is just beginning.Be prepared to be a sailor who is about to surf on the ocean of knowledge while enjoy the sceneries at the same time.

4.Good Luck to You All Who are Going to Take This Examination Tomorrow.

At last,I want to be a member of the cheerleaders!Come on everybody,you can make it,you can do it.Do not be nervous,stay calm,face it and take down it.I trust you and I really do!

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Reply Report teamkrejados 2014-6-8 08:52
English should not be taken off the GaoKao, if for no other reason than the sign saying "Engoy".  
Great GaoKao pep talk, and right on. Wish you a great day.

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  • Let's Enjoy and Take Down Gaokao 2014-6-8 12:00

    teamkrejados: English should not be taken off the GaoKao, if for no other reason than the sign saying "Engoy".   
    Great GaoKao pep talk, and right o ...
    I absolutely agree with you!

  • Let's Enjoy and Take Down Gaokao 2014-6-8 08:52

    English should not be taken off the GaoKao, if for no other reason than the sign saying "Engoy".  
    Great GaoKao pep talk, and right on. Wish you a great day.

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