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Share Capital Stream Management
woerm 2014-5-21 16:15
Capital Stream Manangement is to manage the capital flow. As the capital is under monitoring from the start to the end, it's easy to know when to raise money, whento spend, how to speed up moneyflow, when to liquidate. From the capital stream management monitoring, we can figure out the problem by dectecting the unsual flow of capital. For example, when an order is placed and time fixed to deliver the goods. Then there arematerialspurchase orders ...
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Share The Calculation Formula of The Five Streams Management
woerm 2014-5-19 08:11
It's said hard to calculate the value of management. so there comes the formula to make it possible to count the value created by management. Capital Stream Flow = Material + Labour + System ManagementExpenditure + Culture Cultivation Expenditure Using this formula we can count the cost of the whole company. If want to know each part of value and profit made, then can adjust the formula as following. Material Pecentage = Material / Capital Stream Flow Labour Percentage = ...
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Share Five Streams Management
woerm 2014-5-15 08:54
Five Stream Management includes the capital stream management, material management, labour management, system management and culture management. Capital management monitors the money spending, its running speed and curculating period. And you can have a whole view of how the capital flow. Can know how the money makes money and what future the money will bring. Material management can reflect the speed of production and delivery. Whole view of materials can be seen. Of course, here the ma ...
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