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Report Avrillove20 2016-7-24 03:32
I am Avril Hingston, am a single lady, Am looking for a serious relationship or partnership, are you interested? Write me back at ( So i will tell you more about me and send you my photos.
Report laneferm 2014-8-14 04:04
seaandson: force means power in my world,i hope all of my friends will be fine,so, i'm good
do a lot of Chinese say this, or is it sort of a slang for younger ones ?
Report laneferm 2014-8-11 02:48
seaandson: force means power in my world,i hope all of my friends will be fine,so, i'm good
yea, I've had friends say that to me. I was a little surprised someone living in China would know it.
I'm coming to Shandong in about 6 weeks, ever been there ?
Report laneferm 2014-8-10 03:45
seaandson: may the force be with you,happy weekend.
haha, the force ? ?  yep, its ALWAYS with about you ???
Report luckyann 2014-8-9 08:50
seaandson: may the force be with you today and always
Thank you very much.
The same to you.
Have a nice weekend !
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Recent comments
  • I am a tough girl 2014-9-1 12:31

    Do yourself is OK,actually I like girls who are independent like you.

  • LOVE and LIKE 2014-8-13 13:53

    seaandson: hi,laneferm,i'm so happy to see your commend,but you know nowadays i'm busy with my driver's license,so......
    in china,people like a person who's rish ...
    probably the most important thing is to make yourself available. Then, be presentable etc...these are some of the basic's which Im sure you already do. Also, not to take things too seriously. This can lead to problems. Give and take and  just enjoy each others company. Go slow too...

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