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Share How could I love you, 10 Yuan?
2014-5-24 22:40
10 Yuan, what else can we buy now? I often hear the older generation say that 20 years ago, we hold 10 Yuan could go somewhere without any problems, but now if we only bring 100 Yuan ,maybe sometimes we couldn’t feel steadfast. Let’s take Quanzhou, Fujian province for instance ,I spend three Yuan for breakfast noodles, if I want to eat better ,it must over 5 Yuan. At noon, if there is only 10 Yuan, you should look at the menu carefully, otherwise it would exceed the in ...
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Share Funny slogans
2014-5-17 22:13
Funny slogans
The opening ceremony of the Brazilian World Cup is still have 1 month, 32 strong have announced their winning slogans. With a loud slogan , it can inspire them to create success in Brazil. Spain's slogan aimed at defending, and there are quite a few slogan embodies the national characteristics. The purpose of slogan is to let a group have a common goal, to help the team cooperation and team morale. Let's read all the winning entries at the 2014 Brazilian World Cup! Winning slogans ...
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Share The most beautiful restaurant: Maldives Dream Restaurant
2014-5-16 21:48
The most beautiful restaurant: Maldives Dream Restaurant
It must be an extraordinary experience if you enjoy dinner at the sea .The Maldives Ithaa Restaurant is the first underwater restaurant in the world. Rated ‘the most beautiful restaurant in the world' by the New York Daily News this year. Ithaa - meaning 'mother of pearl' in the Maldivian language of Dihevi - offers breathtaking 180-degree panoramic views. With all-glass windows from floor to ceiling, sitting five meters below the surface of the Indian Ocean. The ingenio ...
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Share How much I love you
2014-5-10 21:48
Mom, tomorrow is Mother’s Day, on this season I have but one thing to say :I love you , even though we’re apart ,you are in my heart this season. 2 days ago, many of my friends said that I’m going to spend whole day stay at home to help my mother do some housework, company with her or buy clothes for her. I’m in favor of these activities. Parents are the greatest persons in the world ,our happiness and sadness were linked with their hearts. Please focus on the sentences a ...
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Share A Warmly Thing
2014-5-10 15:56
A Warmly Thing
I imagined such a scene, A , one of my best friends says to B, let's go season ’ s, I want her meals ---PiJiuYa( 啤酒鸭 ). Or another scene , I say to some of my friends, please come to see me and play at my home ,but you guys say busy now. Then, I say I do PiJiuYa for you , you guys say quick, go! I can ’ t wait. I can do a lot of delicious, I think the most beautiful thing is that good friends get together or make a small party to talk, taste and share interesting things, about l ...
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Share I'm Professor Du
2014-5-8 15:31
I'm Professor Du
“Hello everyone, I am Linlin, 3 years old now, you can also call me little Professor Du. So nice to see you today at the special place and welcome to my aunt's blog. I do hope all of you would love her as I do and support her. She is a very shiny girl, many thanks!” It is funny isn't it? The elfin is my friend's niece, when I looked her dress up for the first time I can’t help laughing. It is really like Professor Du, who comes from the popular Korean drama Man From The St ...
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Share Siblings love
2014-5-5 21:29
Today, from the 2014 college entrance examination is still has 32 days. As an old saying goes, Tough times never last forever, but a strong man can stick to the end. Good morning! my beloved brother, from today on, I will send a college entrance examination massage to encourage you ,to express my deeply blessing .I hope that day when I graduate from university and it is also the day that you go to an outstanding univers ...
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Recent comments
  • I am a tough girl 2014-9-1 12:31

    Do yourself is OK,actually I like girls who are independent like you.

  • LOVE and LIKE 2014-8-13 13:53

    seaandson: hi,laneferm,i'm so happy to see your commend,but you know nowadays i'm busy with my driver's license,so......
    in china,people like a person who's rish ...
    probably the most important thing is to make yourself available. Then, be presentable etc...these are some of the basic's which Im sure you already do. Also, not to take things too seriously. This can lead to problems. Give and take and  just enjoy each others company. Go slow too...

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