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Share I am a tough girl
2014-6-26 17:29
When a person asked me, can I help you? I always say no, thanks, I can do it by myself. I carry the heavy luggage, repair the lamp and never say I can’t. My friends call me tough nail or tomboy, anyway I like it. Sometimes I look down upon the girls who always bother someone without trying themselves, and I found there were many girls like me both tough girls. Why are tough girls gaining popularity? I think the fierce competition in society is contributing to this trend. My teacher said to ...
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Share we're in a warm family
2014-6-26 16:47
If you are not satisfied with the life you are living, do not just complain, do something about it. How are you, I call 黄俊 , a real boy’s name and my English name is season, it means the son of the sea that is the fish, which stands for freedom. I come from Quanzhou Normal University, Fujian province, south of China. The profession is Practical English, and I am currently a senior. I have lot of interests, such as singing and playing Hulusi. Thank you for giving me this opportunity ...
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Share Keep optimistic regardless of every adversity
2014-6-20 22:15
Can you find something interesting about the title? Keep optimistic regardless of every adversity. If the answers were yes, then I could praise you because you can find beautiful things, if not, I could tell you, it was about a country, can you guess it? That is an abbreviation of KOREA. Today, I’d like to share some innovating love with you. It is about countries. If you use another way to interpret some countries, you would find how wonderful it was! H.o.l.l.a.n.d m ...
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Share Marriage upon graduation
2014-6-18 19:27
Last month, one of my university friends was married, amazing, right? And she wasn’t invited me to attend the ceremony of hers , I don’t know why, but never mind, it just gone .I would like to know why there are a growing number of college graduates get married almost at the very moment of their graduation, for me ,I don’t think it’s a good idea to get married on graduation. In the contemporary society, I can’t imagine that we’re only 23years old, it is re ...
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Share The worst lines when they break up
2014-6-14 21:35
Do you know what the easiest thing to do in the entire world? That is texting someone. It has literally never been easier to break up with someone in five seconds. Do you have the same experience when you watched the soap opera, like Korea drama, the hero said to the actress that I don’t deserve you. Or around your friends, he or she said to the right that I feel like we’re moving too fast. Fine! We have the same experience. 2 years ago, I told my boyfriend that I do ...
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Share Endangered animals
2014-6-6 15:28
Endangered animals
When I saw these endangered animals, human malicious killing creatures, human illegal hunting activities and ocean was stained in red by mankind, I can not help but think: wild animals are the friends of mankind, it is an important concept of harmony between man and nature, why do humans hurt them? The protection of wild animals, maintain the balance of ecological nature not only relates to the survival and development of mankind, but also is an important symbol of the progress of human c ...
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Share come on,examinees!!!
2014-6-6 13:48
Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts. The university entrance examination is not a destination, it is a new starting point, it doesn’t matter he or she win or lose, tomorrow, come on. The university entrance examination is an important growth to a person, in my opinion, going though the university entrance exam is my biggest wealth. I still remember that month, that year. I stayed at home to review, little by little, found th ...
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Share The Dragon Boat Festival, the sweet mood
2014-6-2 09:19
The Dragon Boat Festival, the sweet mood
How time flies! Today is the Dragon Boat Festival, the 5th day of the 5th lunar month, has had a history of more than 2,000 years. It is usually in June in the Gregorian calendar. So, in order to celebrate it, my roommates and I went to an old shop to buy the rice dumplings, even though the downpour, how far from our school, it can’t stop the eating’s heart. So today I’d like to arouse you guys’ attention to remember some vocabularies related to the Dragon Boat Festival. They ...
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Share June,farewell !!
2014-6-1 09:37
June,farewell !!
In June, we ushered in a new round of graduation season. From high school to university, we have seen and experienced it brings us sadness and apart, lamenting three years or four years of university time go too fast, it seems like yesterday we just got off a train towards a strange city, and today we just like a wander who will go away from home .Graduation means leave, perhaps some people is a farewell mean to us. Graduation likes a big full stop, from then on, we make a bid farewell to a pu ...
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Share Your day!!
2014-6-1 09:24
Your day!!
Birthday is a heavy special day for everyone, it is generally that the birthday person will receive special treatment from friends and family. So birthday children are looking forward to it or even hoping it comes earlier. But adults are more disgusted, because that means you’re a year older. There is a joke say that, birthday, we sometimes called the best day of the year, but the day after the birthday is the worst day of the year, because until the next birthday we have to wait for a year! ...
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Recent comments
  • I am a tough girl 2014-9-1 12:31

    Do yourself is OK,actually I like girls who are independent like you.

  • LOVE and LIKE 2014-8-13 13:53

    seaandson: hi,laneferm,i'm so happy to see your commend,but you know nowadays i'm busy with my driver's license,so......
    in china,people like a person who's rish ...
    probably the most important thing is to make yourself available. Then, be presentable etc...these are some of the basic's which Im sure you already do. Also, not to take things too seriously. This can lead to problems. Give and take and  just enjoy each others company. Go slow too...

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