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Share Towards the sea, with spring flowers blossoming
seaandson 2014-10-9 17:05
Towards the sea, with spring flowers blossoming
Towards the sea, with spring flowers blossoming From tomorrow on, I will a happy person, Grooming, chopping and traveling all over the world. From tomorrow on, I will care foodstuff and vegetables, I have a house, towards the sea, with spring flowers blossoming. From tomorrow on, I will write to each of my dear ones, Telling them of my happiness. What the lightening of blessedness has told me, I will spread it to each ...
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Share the most exciting thing in my last summer vacation(2)
seaandson 2014-8-10 23:12
the most exciting thing in my last summer vacation(2)
Today I’d like to post some of my street vendor’s pictures, do you want to join me? It will run only for 2 months (our summer vacation time), until now there are 4 bosses and 4 shares, obviously, I’m the big boss. You guys may want to know what did I sell? How’s it going? Why did I come into being this kind of idea? What did I learn from the small business? And other questions, so I will share my mind and experience to you ,I do hope you guys could give some constrictive comments to me ...
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Share thanksgiving be with me
seaandson 2014-7-23 22:18
My hometown is a rainy place, which makes ​ me have a special feeling about the rain. I like rainy day, sitting on the old wicker chair which covered with red rusty, reading, drinking tea, listening to the rhythm of the rain. So I enjoy it, then my thoughts get back to a dozen years ago. "Mom, dad, where are you?" Hum! 20 years ago, my family was very poor, when it rains, all over the horse filled with pots. In order to make a living, my parents have to get up in the mi ...
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Share LOVE and LIKE
seaandson 2014-7-23 21:20
Today I’d like to share an article with all of you, which is about love and like, because at my vacation time, there are so many people ask me, do you have a boyfriend? Or it’s time for you to find a boyfriend. Oh no, I’m young, I have dreams, earning money or living a high stander life is my goal, so I’ m not concerned about my love state. Sometimes my little sister told me, I love my neighbor, because he is good at math; I want to marry XiaoMing, because h ...
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Share The most exciting thing in my last summer vacation<1>
seaandson 2014-7-20 00:09
Before my summer vacation, my plan was to read a classic, let my brain take a break. I always been curious about a novel I never read in high school. Summer is the perfect chance to finally sit down and read it. Then, do some volunteer, try a new form of exercise to lose my weight. Until yesterday, I changed a lot. Guess what? I told some of my friends about that why don’t we make something exciting in the last summer vacation? Or we can earn money, have fun, and try everyt ...
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Share Learning to appreciate the good life
seaandson 2014-7-18 22:55
As Steve Jobs mentioned when he said this at a Stanford University commencement speech: Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. If you start with one small, positive thing and practice it, you will find that life is beautiful, learning to appreciate the good life, you will change your mind and choose to be happy, and regardless of the bad events around you. Write down wh ...
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Share My old friends,can you remember me?
seaandson 2014-7-18 22:10
Some people we will never forget, but they could be buried together with the beautiful memory in the corner, on a sunny afternoon, the taste will be full of sunshine. There is an English saying: A good companion is better than a fortune, for a fortune cannot purchase those elements of character which make companionship a blessing. Perhaps some day we will get together again. After 10, 30 or 50 years. Maybe at that time, we all have our own family, have a job or happy or disap ...
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Share If you can give a letter to the last, what would you say?
seaandson 2014-7-14 15:36
Sometimes we do not feel like we want to feel, sometimes things that happen beyond our control, I often make something regret, then I find the regret medicine everywhere, but it’s fail. I asked a number of different people about if you have a chance get back, what would you do? The responses are directly from responders to this question: My little brother said college degree, I admire the college students who can enjoy the most beautiful time in life, they won’t worry about the mo ...
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Share Dear master---My bosom friend
seaandson 2014-7-5 09:45
Dear master---My bosom friend
These days I browsed many blogs’ blog, and I found that there is the same topic about love, just like what is love? First love, blind date and others, I’d like to know is there has any pure friendship between boys and girls? Some people say no, because the purpose of friendship between them is love, I think it not only for respecting of each other or siblings love but a further love, but this love is under the truly love. However some people think that there has a pure friendship between ...
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Share The story between my grandparents
seaandson 2014-7-2 00:13
The story between my grandparents
I do not know how they got together but I admired my grandparents’ love, even though the world is big, their hearts always linked to each other. They lived together for more than fifty years, from young boy and girl to grandfather and grandmother. Grandparents usually frugally, for me it is generous. Grandfather love me very much, though I learning far away from home, we often call each other and talk about life conditions, so my roommates always envied me. I must be a good girl and repay ...
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