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thanksgiving be with me

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My hometown is a rainy place, which makesme have a special feeling about the rain.

I like rainy day, sitting on the old wicker chair which covered with red rusty, reading, drinking tea, listening to the rhythm of the rain. So I enjoy it, then my thoughts get back to a dozen years ago.

"Mom, dad, where are you?" Hum! 20 years ago, my family was very poor, when it rains, all over the horse filled with pots. In order to make a living, my parents have to get up in the middle of the night, wearing hats and rain clothes, going to pick vegetables for a sell at market in the next day .I was very young, my parents afraid that I woke up and crying, so before leaving they always live an apple on the bed every day, because once I woke up and found they were not here, I start to crying, then I saw and ate it, I stop cry and fall asleep quietly. I have a big difference between other children, they always accompanied with their parents from day in and day out, accompanied play, accompanied to school, only one person accompanied with me was my bed. I played on it until fall asleep until dawn, until my parents came back......

Today, two years later, I living in another city due to my study, where the weather is good, to be honest I am not missing the rain, but the parents worked hard back. Chinese New Year I back home, everything has no changed, but parents face, time fight again in their old face. Before leaving, parents standing at the station, looking at the vehicle became farther. All of love and sadness turned into “be careful!" it forever engraved in my heart.

Thanksgiving is love, comfort, return, and indispensable, it is full of happiness. It spread out through love, hearts and hands, Thanksgiving will always be with me.

Let's make the rain turned into a paper cranes, flying home and telling my parents: everything is fine!

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Reply Report SEARU 2014-8-10 20:11
Raining knows your feeling;
Warm words from the heart could move everyone!
Reply Report seaandson 2014-8-10 21:33
laneferm: I've always enjoyed listening to the rain coming down, especially when at home with the laptop and looking out the window. but if I have to be out in  ...
so do i, comfortable right?especially sleep and read.
Reply Report seaandson 2014-8-10 21:34
SEARU: Raining knows your feeling;
Warm words from the heart could move everyone!
thank you for your time to read it and move it
Reply Report laneferm 2014-8-11 02:45
that was a touching story about your parents. I only wish they could have a nice life and enjoy more. I have learned, persistence is the commonality of successful people. Too many people give up to easily when they first experience a set back.   Life is only what you make it to be.  I just look at it as a learning experience and now I've discovered a way NOT to do it. Well, its the old saying, if at first you dont succed, try, try again. Thomas Edison failed a 1000 times before he successfully invented the light bulb. :)

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  • I am a tough girl 2014-9-1 12:31

    Do yourself is OK,actually I like girls who are independent like you.

  • LOVE and LIKE 2014-8-13 13:53

    seaandson: hi,laneferm,i'm so happy to see your commend,but you know nowadays i'm busy with my driver's license,so......
    in china,people like a person who's rish ...
    probably the most important thing is to make yourself available. Then, be presentable etc...these are some of the basic's which Im sure you already do. Also, not to take things too seriously. This can lead to problems. Give and take and  just enjoy each others company. Go slow too...

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