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Share My old friends,can you remember me?
seaandson 2014-7-18 22:10
Some people we will never forget, but they could be buried together with the beautiful memory in the corner, on a sunny afternoon, the taste will be full of sunshine. There is an English saying: A good companion is better than a fortune, for a fortune cannot purchase those elements of character which make companionship a blessing. Perhaps some day we will get together again. After 10, 30 or 50 years. Maybe at that time, we all have our own family, have a job or happy or disap ...
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Share Dear master---My bosom friend
seaandson 2014-7-5 09:45
Dear master---My bosom friend
These days I browsed many blogs’ blog, and I found that there is the same topic about love, just like what is love? First love, blind date and others, I’d like to know is there has any pure friendship between boys and girls? Some people say no, because the purpose of friendship between them is love, I think it not only for respecting of each other or siblings love but a further love, but this love is under the truly love. However some people think that there has a pure friendship between ...
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Share June,farewell !!
seaandson 2014-6-1 09:37
June,farewell !!
In June, we ushered in a new round of graduation season. From high school to university, we have seen and experienced it brings us sadness and apart, lamenting three years or four years of university time go too fast, it seems like yesterday we just got off a train towards a strange city, and today we just like a wander who will go away from home .Graduation means leave, perhaps some people is a farewell mean to us. Graduation likes a big full stop, from then on, we make a bid farewell to a pu ...
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Share A Warmly Thing
seaandson 2014-5-10 15:56
A Warmly Thing
I imagined such a scene, A , one of my best friends says to B, let's go season ’ s, I want her meals ---PiJiuYa( 啤酒鸭 ). Or another scene , I say to some of my friends, please come to see me and play at my home ,but you guys say busy now. Then, I say I do PiJiuYa for you , you guys say quick, go! I can ’ t wait. I can do a lot of delicious, I think the most beautiful thing is that good friends get together or make a small party to talk, taste and share interesting things, about l ...
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