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Share Taste of Yunnan(Part I)
茉莉儿 2017-4-23 10:59
Binchuan County As usual, when spring breeze brings warmth into the Yunnan Province each year, everything there breaks through obstructions to approach growth stage. Without a formal declaration of coming, warmth has raised vitality and surprise among all things of creation. Especially in spring, Chinese people have a keen sense of smell and taste. Yunnanese think that flavor ingredients in spring taste delicious and they have a pleasant sensation from everything that is bursting with ...
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Share My School Spring
茉莉儿 2017-4-2 14:01
My School Spring
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Share My School with Autumn
茉莉儿 2015-11-2 15:00
My School with Autumn
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Share Think Outside the Box
茉莉儿 2015-11-2 14:35
Think Outside the Box
Here is a story recorded in Wandering in Absolute Freedom written by Zhuangze. Speaking of the use of a huge gourd, Zhuangze and Huize, they discussed the issue and exchanged their views as we could see in the video. Huize found no use of a huge gourd and so broke it up, for Zhuangze, however, he believed that the five -bushed gourd could be made a float rather than considering it as worthless materials. When I watched the video several times, ...
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Share A Pact
茉莉儿 2014-5-29 13:35
A Pact
The spirit of these figures in the busy lives, A leaf in a vast, bright universe.
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Share Kindness-We can not Afford to Lose
茉莉儿 2014-5-25 11:06
Kindness-We can not Afford to Lose
WhenIwasalittlegirl,likemostChinesechildren,Iwaslongingforfestivalasitbringsjoyfulnessandhappiness.SeveraldaysbeforetheeveoflunarNewYear,mymotherwouldalwaysmakeatableofdeliciousdisheswiththehelpofabunchofkind-hearted ...
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Share The Purpose of Life
茉莉儿 2014-5-24 23:30
The Purpose of Life
T oseeaworldinagrainofsand, A ndaheaveninawildflower, H oldinfinityinthepalmofyourhand A ndeternityinanhour. B yWilliamBlake W hereisthe  ...
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Share When Socrates Meets Confucius
茉莉儿 2014-5-7 17:56
When Socrates Meets Confucius
WhenSocratesMeetsConfucius IguessallofushavealreadynoticedConfuciussculpturestandtallanduprightinschoolcampusasaresultoftheinfluenceofsignificantConfucianism.Confucius,oneofachievementshemadewasaboutpracticalandadvancedteachingandlea ...
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