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Share Other Types of Wuyi Yan Cha and north Fujian Daffodil
2014-5-16 09:49
part 1.Other Types of Wuyi Yan Cha 1.Tieluohan Tieluohan is the earliest Famous Bush among Wuyi Yan Cha, growing in the Ghost Cave of Yanhuiyan in Mount Wuyi. Surrouned be steep cliffs on each side, a stream runs through this area. In recent years, small yields turn up in market. It is said that Tieluohan (literally iron arhat) was first discovered by a strong, dark-skinned arhat (monk) of Huiyuan Temlpe, and hence the name. Features of Tieluohan The compact ...
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Share Dahongpao
2014-5-11 21:36
Dahongpao, a premier Oolong tea, is the most famous among Wuyi Famous Bushes. The original plants (mother plants) grow at Jiulongchao, amid the steep cliffs of Mount Wuyi, nurtured by the various mountain springs. The organic ingredients in the water and the soil make an ideal environment for Dahongpao. The mother plants are invaluable treasures. Today, there are only six Dahongpao trees in Jiulongchao. For hundreds of years, they have been giving only small yields. In the 1980s, th ...
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Share Oolong Tea classifed according to location
2014-5-11 21:33
Modern tea studies commonly classify Oolong tea into Fujian Oolong (North Fujian Oolong and South Fujian Oolong), Guangdong Oolong and Taiwan Oolong, according to their place of origin. North Fujian Oolong North Fujian Oolong is more fermented. It mainly grows at mount Wuyi in north Fujian. There is a small yield from Jianou, Jianyang, Nanping, Shuiji—three crops per year. The picking and processing start from late April. It has two sub-categories, Wu ...
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Share Oolong Corner
2014-5-6 20:04
The charm of Oolong tea (also spelled as Wulong tea) is incomparable. Yan Cha and Ti Kwan Yin, both belonging to Oolong, differ in fragrance. The use of clay and porcelain tea ware showcase Oolong tea’s closeness to nature and augment its unique taste.Making Oolong tea is a spiritual experience. The special corner in the house for making the tea is like a secret place in the soul. So, create an Oolong corner even in the smallest apartment, for the busiest man also needs his own time. ...
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Share The pleasure of tea
2014-5-4 19:28
Lay the teapot and cups, prepare boiling water and the fragrant Oolong tea will transport you far away through the process of making and drinking tea. For today’s generation, drinking tea is not merely easing thirst, rather a tradition to be savored. Breath in the fragrance, watch the water turning bright yellow, take a sip, and enjoy the rich fragrance, which is tinged with a mild bitterness. Feel rejuvenated by the flavor and taste. Tea is more rewardin ...
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  • Oolong Corner 2014-5-16 09:25

    teamkrejados: I was told there is a tea beneficial to every animal of the zodiac. Oolong tea is supposed to be the best tea for tigers. Are you a tiger? I am!
    you mean zodiac? I am a Snake.

  • Oolong Corner 2014-5-16 09:24

    teamkrejados: I was told there is a tea beneficial to every animal of the zodiac. Oolong tea is supposed to be the best tea for tigers. Are you a tiger? I am!
    I was , but now I'm not. I'am trying to be a cat.

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