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How is your hand-writing?

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Last Saturday, I went to the Xinhua bookstore and bought a regular script copybook. As a Chinese, I am ashamed to find that my English hand-writing is much better than Chinese. So, I hope the copybook can help me beautify my Chinese hand-writing.


For adults, since PC, tablet, cell phone become life necessity, people’s fingers do much more tapping rather than holding a pen. When we are young, some of us have a beautiful hand-writing which are always praised by teachers and family members. However, as time went by, the time we use pens become less and less. Sometimes, I will just suddenly have a strong felling that is I want to write.


After my graduation from university, I constantly heard some of my friends told me that their hand-writing is terrible than before. At that moment, I just make a wry smile and said so do I.


Apart from this situation, I also find that sometimes I become unsure about the Chinese character that I write on the paper if somebody asks me how to write a Chinese character. It’s ridiculous. I attribute it to less writing and more electronic product’s message sending.


With the development of science and technology, I know taping will take over more and more in our life. It’s ok, because it is the tendency of our human society. There is no need for us to against it. After all, it brings lots of convenience and entertainment. I like those electronic products too. While even so, I don’t want to lose my ability of writing. I don’t want to forget the smell of paper and ink. Therefore, I will keep writing with my favorite pen on my cute notebooks. And I will write a nice postcard or a letter to my friends.


Finally, even I write less and less. I still want my hand-writing become nice. So I will work hard with my copybook. O(_)O





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