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Paper dictionary or electronic dictionary

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Hello, my friends. Long time no see. O(_)o



Jasmine wants to ask you a question. How long haven’t you open a big dictionary? It’s maybe three days or four weeks ago. Perhaps, you can’t even remember the place where you put your dictionary.


I always put my big Oxford advanced learner’s English-Chinese dictionary on the desk. But to be honest, I haven’t opened it for a long time while last week, I epoch-making opened it and search for some words. And I had a mixed feeling after that.


I have my first small dictionary in my primary school time. The small one that you can see in the photo is her. She accompanied me for my primary and middle school time. When I entered into middle school, my father bought a new one for me. It was much thicker and heavier than the first one. During that period, I didn’t have Wen Qu Xing (a previous electronic dictionary), mobile phone or personal computer. Therefore, the paper dictionary is my best mentor.


After I entered into the university, I have cell phone and PC. But I still took my big Oxford dictionary to the university. However, the time that I use her was especially less than before. As time went by, iphone, ipad appear in our life. Those make word-searching more convenient than before.


Well I am not going to distinguish which one is superior. I think both of them have pros and cons.


Paper dictionary is difficult to carry with and it slow to find what you want. However, everytime I turn a page gives me a soft feeling of blood and fresh. During the searching, I can see more words, sentences which can boost my vocabulary. Besides, I don’t know why, using dictionary gives me a feeling that I am communicating with our ancestors. Although, I am a Chinese, I can still feel that Samuel John firstly made his great work A Dictionary of the English Language. That is the origin of dictionary in my heart.


Electronic dictionary can promote our working and studying efficiency and can absolutely reduce the weight of our bag compare with the paper dictionary. But, it constantly gives a feeling robot. Sometimes my mind will absent and think about whether human will be controlled by robot one day. Haha, maybe I’ve watched too much science fiction films.


As far as I am concerned, if I have enough time I will use paper dictionary. And if time is short, electronic will be the first choice. Dictionary is a dead body, but we are vivid human who ought to adapt to changing circumstances. Suitable is the most important.








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