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Share Hello again
2014-11-12 20:22
Last time that i logined the blog can be trace back to the summer of this year. To be honest, I really miss here. Maybe, I am missing the period that I spend in the room by myself andknock the keyboard togive a birth to the word thatencompass all my feeling. Luckily, somefriends that I never meet will comment my blog. Thus, we can share our opinion. This autumn, I came to Hongkong to start my one-year study here. Well, it is already three months pas ...
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Share How is your hand-writing?
2014-7-23 09:39
How is your hand-writing?
Last Saturday, I went to the Xinhua bookstore and bought a regular script copybook. As a Chinese, I am ashamed to find that my English hand-writing is much better than Chinese. So, I hope the copybook can help me beautify my Chinese hand-writing. For adults, since PC, tablet, cell phone become life necessity, people’s fingers do much more tapping rather than holding a pen. When we are young, some of us have a beautiful hand-writing which are always praised by teachers and fa ...
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Share Paper dictionary or electronic dictionary
2014-7-18 10:34
Paper dictionary or electronic dictionary
Hello, my friends. Long time no see. O( ∩ _ ∩ )o Jasmine wants to ask you a question. How long haven’t you open a big dictionary? It’s maybe three days or four weeks ago. Perhaps, you can’t even remember the place where you put your dictionary. I always put my big Oxford advanced learner’s English-Chinese dictionary on the desk. But to be honest, I haven’t opened it for a long time while last week, I epoch-makin ...
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Share Do you have a good friend that you never meet face to face?
2014-7-1 10:44
These days, I am watching a TV play named How I met your mother . It tells several funny stories before daddy got married with mummy. But today, I am going to tell you a story about how Jasmine knows Wesley. Here, I use the word know instead of meet. Because I usually reckon that people who encounter each other face to face can be regarded as meet. However, I never see Wesley face to face, so I choose know . It is a simple story but reflects the fantastic thing ...
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Share A poem wrote in January
2014-6-20 22:01
A poem wrote in January
I wrote this poem in January 28th, 2014. The girl quitted her first job and went back home. Before she went back home, she has experienced a blanking period (something about the blanking period can be read in my third blog). She wrote this poem in a sunny morning in the countryside path. At that moment, she was thinking about the question about city and countryside. She wanted to figure out which one is better. And so she did. I think, from her poem, you can feel that co ...
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Share Overlook Jiangshan
2014-6-17 12:49
Overlook Jiangshan
Hello, my friends in CD blog. The main reason why I write this blog is that I went to climb mountains in my hometown. And I want to share with or of you. This mountain is in the downtown in my hometown, Jiangshan. It is in the east of Zhejing province. Chairman Mao used to write “ What a charming great land” in his poem, Spring in Qin Garden — Snow. The verse in Chinese is “ Jiang shan ru ci duo jiao ( 江山如此多娇 )”. See, Cha ...
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Share Nice to meet you, Mr. Failure
2014-6-13 11:40
Nice to meet you, Mr. Failure
I haven’t been here for a long time. To be honest, I really miss CD blog and the friends here. These days, I went to take the driving test. However, unfortunately, I failed, which means I didn’t pass the test. I am a little sad because to some extent it means a failure to me. But not as before, this time I am not going to blame myself because I am not sorry to myself. During this time, I went to the driving school at 7:30 in the morning and went back at 5 o’clock i ...
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Share Strong your heart
2014-5-19 10:10
Strong your heart
In our daily life, we can meet different kinds of people. Some of them are rich. Some of them have high degree than you. Some of them are knowledgeable and have been many countries where you may never go there in this life. To some extent, you may think those people are superior to you. There is no doubt that people feel relax when they are living with people who have similar condition or level. In my 23 years , especially in my college period, I usually stand at a dist ...
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Share Their First Time to be Parent
2014-5-15 11:26
Their First Time to be Parent
If you are over 20-year-old, then, I hope this blog can give you some fresh thought. As we know, education can be divided into three parts that is the education of school, family and society. It is true that parent’s living style, mode of thinking, attitude towards life can have strong influence on their children’s growing, just as an old Chinese saying said: like father, like son. If somebody’s father and mother usually fight at home, then may be their kid’s chara ...
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Share Thank you, my past blanking period ----- share with people who are confused
2014-5-13 11:30
Today is sunny and I can see sunshine through my window. At this moment, I feel tranquil. However, it is very difficult for me to step into this tranquility. I call it transition period. I am going to simply tell you some of my experience and feelings. If you are facing the graduation or you have already graduated from college but still feel confused, then, I hope this blog can help you. I graduated in June, 2013. My college requested us to sign employment agreement b ...
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