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Share Children's Day
2014-6-5 08:56
The first day of Junewas a festival for Senre is an almost one-year child. She was given a lot of presents such as new clothes, festival cake, and lucky money of course. What's more, wandering in the street is essential. However, things were different when it went back to 20 or more years ago. The first year in primary school was the year Children's Day came into my life and many of children as me. A Children's Day cellibration was held by 7 teachers who worked in our school. I still r ...
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Share the crazy climate
2014-5-27 16:01
It has a long time of wich is no rain. Never been so hot in Wuding in Yunnan. The highest tempreture in the noon reaches 33 C. What a crazy climate here in my hometowan while the highest tempreture reached only 25 years before. What has changed the climate not only here in Wuding but throughout China? I had never got the experience that I could NOT sleep well because of hot in the evening. But I suffered it recently.Not only me but also many of my friends and coworkers. I was so jelous abou ...
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Share something or something
2014-5-23 10:23
How time flies! It is May 23rd. However it makes me feeling that the Spring Festival has just past yet. If someone asks me what you've done, I will feel ashamed for it seems that I did a little in the past 3 months. Maybe this is the office-work style. Readinga book or searching for something will really help. What spoiled the life used to be theendless papper work. I determined to do some writing but not papper writing. I was willing to do some reading but not papper reading. Pap ...
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Share Daily Life
2014-5-8 15:05
Did you have the experience that you got the worst when you hoped for the best? Sometimes you could feel somehow depressed about those things happend around you. however, you can do nothing but bearing it. That could be the reason we need to travel. You may ask what troulbes you, but it is hard to tell. I think that it is the way of practice when I meet everything whatever it is good or not. Ups and downs are the essential parts of life of which is very clear to any of us, but it is the hunma ...
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Share Write to May Day
2014-5-4 10:06
May Day ending, I went nowhere. It doesn't mean that I do NOT enjoy my time. Most of you may regard May Day as the best time so travel for it has three-days off. Howere, I think that it is more intresting to watch nothing but crowds in those attractions on TV. You can only witness poeple's heads in XIHU Lake. Of course, the Forbiden Cityis one of the most attractives. I don't like too many crowds. I'd like to enjoy peaceful and tranquil life. Leisure time, you don't need to follow the crowd ...
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Share My understanding of happiness
2014-4-29 15:23
Sometimes, we eager to go after material comforts. Be that as it may,sharing time with our family is that we go after happiness. 27 is the age of just getting a job, you don't have any rest money, and you can not afford to buy a owning house. However, we are young which means we can get everything we want through effort. At this time, we are not the owner of wealth, but we are the maker of wealth.
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        Gaokao, bring tears with happiness and sadness.
        Result is not so important, the vital important is do the best to answer what we knew.

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