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Share Wanna write something for Ludian Earthquake
Rush007 2014-8-8 09:20
The earthquake hit Ludian at 16:30 on August 3rd, 2014. Up to now, nearly 600lost their lives for those whowere NOTborn at the same time whereas went to heaven at the same time. We all shocked by the numbers of injury. I was touched by a sad story that I had viewed a picture of a eight-year girl's simple funeral through the website. Eight years is the primary phase of any of us. WhatCAN we do at eight years? We are a pupil in grade 2, we just can wear our clothes ...
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Share To the Army Day
Rush007 2014-8-1 11:44
Today is August 1, the Army Day of the Chinese People's Liberation Army. Recently, I have watched serval TV Plays on the backgroud of Anti-Janpanese War from Chinese. In the hard days, Chinese suffered the most. There were many stories which was filled with laughters and tears. We all are proud of thatthey had send Japanese home by fighting. After that, they expelled Jiangkai Shelk out of China main land. They are great. Today, the warfire started in serval country like Ukrine and Lybia ...
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Rush007 2014-7-31 15:12
ATTRIBUTED TO EINSTEIN "If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe then man would only have four years of life left." So, pretect everything around us, or we will be punished.
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Share Disappointed, but not dispair
Rush007 2014-7-31 15:06
With orders from my parents, Hoped by people around me, then I went to uUnming to enroll, Persuading by the charger, Still I selected the position After got some injiection, I begaun to review. Maybe this is fate without negociation. Currently, you down. Just one score. Then I was told from ohters it was only a process for those already in.
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Share Reaction
Rush007 2014-7-31 14:55
I was douted why I had never seen WOJU. It's really a nice film. It was so close to our life, maybe this feeling is more strong when you just graduated from University. Maybe different visal for different reaction. However, I try to understand those ways of lives. The point is to learn the experience and to understand our life. On the road of our life, you can cry and you can laugh, but you don't forget to move on.
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Share Aftermath of the World Cup
Rush007 2014-7-31 14:50
It has a long time no writing. I took a lot of my free time to enjoy the World Cup. They really deserved the honor. Half a month late, I found that I had no intrest in chinese football association super league. They really let us down.
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Share Yeah
Rush007 2014-7-31 14:47
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Share the first competition
Rush007 2014-6-13 09:56
04:00 in the norning, I got up and watched the first competition which was Brazil vs Croatia. It was the exciting competition. I still tried to find the opener when they had 1-1. However, it was in my house and I could not cried out when they kicked because all my family were asleep. The game ended at 6:00, and thenthe day broke. I went to bed again, but I didn't fall asleep for the next 2 hours.
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Share Wishes
Rush007 2014-6-6 09:20
I wish all the students in China can enjoy yourselves in Gaokao in 2014. Come on. The bright future is waiting for you. Just do it.
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Share My opinion on Gaokao
Rush007 2014-6-6 09:08
Today is June 6, 2014. Gaokao will be holding at this time of tomorrow. Gaokao is a key step for many of us who applies to college or university. Also Gaokao is a key of which open the dreaming door. Here I'd like to share my story on Gaokao with you as follows: I took Gaokao in 2005 when I was 18. At that time, basketball-ground football was my only hobby. I did love it. Gaokao was close and a lot of my classmates felt neverous. However, I felt good for I manged to play football anyres ...
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